An alleged leak of the entire Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie dropped online, and the film’s star Ryan Reynolds has responded to the “leak.”

The alleged leak comes from a Twitter account called Inspector Pikachu that was just created this month. In their tweet, they claim they have the entire Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie and then proceed to link to a YouTube video.

Ryan Reynolds, who gives voice to Detective Pikachu responded to the alleged leak writing, “Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros. Leak…”

The alleged leak is anything, but a leak. It is actually a brilliant troll job.

The YouTube video begins like it is the actual movie with the Warner Bros., Legendary, and Pokemon Company logos. In fact, you even get a brief clip of Justice Smith walking around Ryme City. Then about 1:15 seconds in, you start to hear an upbeat exercise song. Justice Smith looks over his shoulder and the video transitions to a Pikachu doing his best impression of Richard Simmons. The next hour and forty minutes are just a Pikachu dancing its but off and having a good old time.

One can only assume that Ryan Reynolds is behind the troll job as he notoriously performed a number of trolls while promoting both his Deadpool movies. In fact, Reynolds’ trolling has even rubbed off on former Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. Jackman gave Ryan a taste of his own medicine after the two agreed to perform commercials for each other’s businesses.

Ryan Reynolds stars as Detective Pikachu in Pokemon Detective Pikachu. The film hits theaters on Thursday, May 9th with early showings at 4 p.m. local time. The film will be 104 minutes long and Warner Bros. expects the film to make $40 million in its opening weekend and go on to make $100 million total. However, early predictions indicate the film could bring in $75 million on its opening weekend. With marketing like the above troll video, it’s quite possible it could hit that $75 million mark!

What do you make of this alleged snow job by Ryan Reynolds? Do you think it was cute? How long did you just stare and watch the Pikachu dance?