Actor and former host of The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold, Tom Arnold, has officially stated that he’d endorse a “f****** Nazi against Trump.”

Arnold made the comments outside of a Los Angeles restaurant while speaking with the Vice President of X Strategies Michael Gruen. While speaking outside the restaurant Arnold discussed Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles. Arnold appeared on Knowles’ podcast last year. He specifically praised Michael Knowles, “Michael Knowles is hilarious. He’s a sweet guy. He wants to be a comic. He gets it sort of. He’ll get his s*** together one of these days.”

The conversation quickly turned to the 2020 election where Arnold was asked if Donald Trump would get reelected. Arnold replied, “Trump is going to f****** quit. F*** him.” He adds, “Yea. He’s going to get very frustrated.” He explains, “Well yea, because he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked in 2020. There’s no way he’s going to win.”

Finally, Arnold is asked if he would endorse a white person. Arnold sarcastically responds, “Would I endorse a white person? Is there ever been a white person to run for President? It would be the first white person, am I right?”

When pressed on the question Arnold responded, “Against Trump? I would endorse a f****** Nazi against Trump.” When questioned about his statement Arnold doubled down, “Compared to Trump? Trump is the head Nazi. Trump is the worst person ever.” He adds, “No, because he’s the President. He has all that power and he’s so bad he’s the worst President we’ve ever had.”

He’s then asked by what metric. Arnold responds:

“By what metric? Every metric. By facts. I’m not going to argue with you kid. I’m going to tell you right now. He’s a f****** coward. He is a traitor. He doesn’t stand up for this country. Forget about women. He is a white supremacist. Steve Bannon, who started his campaign with the Build the Wall s***. That is all about racism. He is also incompetent.  He’s supposed to have America’s back. He does not have our back. The world depends on America. How can we depend on America when our #1 guy is full of s***. He’s sucking Putin’s d*** every other goddamn day. Russia is a s***hole. Russia is a s***hole America is the greatest place on Earth.”

Arnold would conclude saying, “Trump is the worst.” He would also add, “I wouldn’t really vote for a Nazi, but over Trump…”

Gruen spoke about the encounter to Human Events:

“As a Jewish teenager, I really found his comments about Trump being the head Nazi to be preposterous and idiotic. My great grandparents were killed by actual Nazis, not the President of the United States who moved the American Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.”

He added, “Whether you’re a fan of the President or not, he’s been incredibly pro Israel and supportive of the Jewish people.”

Tom Arnold is currently going through a divorce with his estranged. She claims his obsessions with President Trump and his drug abuse caused their marriage to fail. Tom Arnold hasn’t just gone after President Trump either. He targeted former Superman actor Dean Cain last year calling him a “racist.” Cain would eventually confront the True Lies actor in Glendale, California while promoting his film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer with Larry King.

What do you make of Tom Arnold’s recent comments?