MTV writer Vilissa Thompson claims “white disabled men are violent” after she had accused Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame of ableism.

Thompson’s accusations against Marvel Studios and Avengers: Endgame saw her face the ire of comedian Ricky Berwick, who refuted her accusations of ableism.

In a series of tweets, Thompson claims to have been harassed before stating, “white disabled men are violent.”

In fact, Thompson claims she has been “harassed for over 24 hours.” She also claims that “someone finally called me the n-word.” She goes on say it’s not the first time someone has called her that word, and she encourages her alleged harassers to be “more original with your insults.”

She explains she didn’t want to draw attention to her alleged harassment, but indicated the use of the N-word was a “dealbreaker.” She goes on to insinuate that fans of comedian Ricky Berwick are the ones who are harassing her claiming, “I’m being harassed because someone has become obsessed about my article & their horrid fans has called me every name imaginable.”

Thompson then claims “white disabled men are violent.” She also encourages her supporters to “block & report as you need to – that’s how you support & defend.”

In response to Vilissa Thompson’s blanket statement about white disabled men, entertainer Cripp Daddy mocked Thompson saying:

“Have you ever seen how violent they get? Sitting down in their chair menacingly. Ready just plotting at any given moment to explode like that guy from Breaking Bad, the one with the bell. He was Mexican though. He wasn’t white. He wasn’t violent. If you were a minority and you are disabled you are fine.”

He goes on to describe Berwick as “gross, vile, a piece of shit, kind of an asshole, stuck up…” However, he continues, “But violent? No, he’s not violent. Maybe against his cat sometimes, but that’s up for debate too.”

He concludes, “You putting blame on my man, Ricky. Not a good look.”

Berwick responded to Cripp Daddy in comedic fashion asking, “Did your mom just call me cute? Oh! Honey! Take me to dinner first!”

Cripp Daddy kept the joke going and asked his mom if she would go on a date with Ricky, “When Ricky comes over for the summer, will you go on a date with him? When you and Ricky go out you can go out on nice wholesome white people date. You can go out to like Outback Steakhouse. You can go to Applebee’s like Maragarita Mondays. You guys can have fun.”

He adds, “It would be such a white people date. It would be so nice. But you can’t because disabled white people are violent. So he might f****** beat you halfway through the date. It’s a safety hazard.”

Both men kept the situation very comedic given the heavy accusations being leveled at them by Vilissa Thompson.

What do you think of Vilissa Thompson’s claim that white disabled men are violent? What do you make of her claims of harassment?

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