The controversial founder of the self-purported neomasculinity blog Return of Kings has been banned from both Instagram and Chase WePay after announcing a speaking tour across the United States.

On May 6th, author and political commentator Roosh V, aka Daryush Valizadeh, announced that he would be embarking on a 23-city speaking tour across the United States. Roosh V, whose works center around his pro-masculinity beliefs (beliefs which many find controversial, thus routinely prompting storms of media criticism), states that on the tour he will “share stories that have revealed the truth to me up to turning 40 years of age” and hopes that the stories, “which concern masculinity, relationships, work, human nature, grief, and spirituality, will allow you to find wisdom, contentment, and peacefulness during these difficult days of clown world.”

A day after this announcement, Roosh V found that his private Instagram had been banned for allegedly violating their terms:

Roosh V, replying to a fan inquiry, stated that he believes that the banning of his account was directly related to his tour announcement:

Roosh V then found that he was also banned from the Chase WePay platform, an online payment service provider which Roosh V claims he was using to sell tickets to his tour. This ban allegedly came in quick succession after his removal from Instagram:

As of writing, Roosh V has not indicated which alternative platform he will be using to process payments and tickets for his upcoming tour.

Roosh V is the latest victim of the sweeping purge of allegedly controversial figures across social media which was prompted last week by Facebook’s removal of “dangerous individuals and organizations” such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Louis Farrakhan from both the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

This purge also appears to have targeted Bounding Into Comics, as after posting an article featuring the recent Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer to the Bounding Into Comics Facebook page, rather than removing the offending content, Facebook instead opted to completely shut down the page.

What do you make of Roosh V getting banned from Instagram and Chase WePay?