Former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano called for a sex strike claiming that “our reproductive rights are being erased.”

Milano took to Twitter, where she wrote, “Our reproductive rights are being erased. Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a #SexStrike. Pass it on.”

Milano’s tweet was openly mocked by many.

Milano did find a few supporters as well.

Milano’s call for a sex strike comes after Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed the pro-life heartbeat bill. Before signing the bill, Kemp stated, “Georgia is a state that values life. We stand up for those who are unable to speak for themselves.” He added, “But our job is to do what is right, not what is easy. We will not back down. We will always continue to fight for life.”

The bill reads in part:

“It shall be the policy of the State of Georgia to recognize the presence of a fetal heartbeat as the point of “fetal viability,” creating a compelling state interest to protect “the independent essence of the second life” as an “object of state protection” from abortion; and

It shall be the policy of the State of Georgia to recognize unborn children as natural persons.”

Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood would call for “mandatory vasectomies” until men are ready to have children in response to the bill being signed.

Milano had been actively campaigning against the bill. In fact, she lead a number of celebrities in calling for Hollywood film studios to boycott the entire state of Georgia if the bill was signed into law. Some of those celebrities included Avengers: Endgame actors Mark Ruffalo, Don Cheadle, and Tessa Thompson.

In an open letter calling for Hollywood to boycott Georgia, Milano described the bill as “evil.”

“We can’t imagine being elected officials who had to say to their constituents ‘I enacted a law that was so evil, it chased billions of dollars out of our state’s economy.”

Hollywood does a ton of business in Georgia. Atlanta-based AJC reports in Fiscal Year 2018 there were 455 productions that did “$2.7 billion in direct spending.” They noted this was the most productions “since the tax credits were passed in 2008.”

Georgia provides film and TV productions with up to a 30 percent tax credit if they spend at least $500,000 in the state.

The Walking Dead, Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame, Ozark, and more all have or had a production home in Georgia.

What do you make of Alyssa Milano’s call for a sex strike? Do you think it is a good idea?