An easter egg concerning a hot button social issue in the latest A Hat In Time DLC expansion has sparked outrage from some players who believe the easter egg is an example of the continuing politization of video games.

In the latest A Hat In Time downloadable content expansion, Nyakuza Metro + Online Party, players can discover a Transgender Pride Flag painted in a hidden alcove in the Nyakuza Metro stage. The flag is not easily accessible, requiring players to explore an obscure area of the level and complete several platforming sections in order to view the flag. On YouTube, user icze4r posted a video demonstrating how to access the well-hidden flag:

Following the release of the DLC, some players took to the Steam forum for A Hat in Time to voice their complaints about the inclusion of the flag to the developer, Gears for Breakfast. The major point of contention for those opposed to the flag’s inclusion was the belief that its inclusion was an attempt to inject unrelated politics into a non-political video game:

Trans Pride Flag Easter Egg In Latest A Hat in Time DLC Sparks Infighting Among Fans

Trans Pride Flag Easter Egg In Latest A Hat in Time DLC Sparks Infighting Among Fans

Trans Pride Flag Easter Egg In Latest A Hat in Time DLC Sparks Infighting Among Fans

However, this feeling was not universal, as other users who supported or were indifferent to the flag’s inclusion began to take note of this growing sentiment:

These conflicting opinions quickly led to the A Hat in Time Steam forums devolving into infighting within the community. The moderation team began locking any and all threads concerning the DLC, regardless of whether the poster supported or opposed Gears for Breakfast’s decision to include the easter egg.

Though numerous threads have been locked or deleted, at the time of writing, users continue to address the topic, with threads such as Can we not fight for even a few seconds about this flag issue? And instead…., Rocket League can have an LGBT flag but Hat in Time can’t?, and Imagine being angry about a flag in the game having been started as recently as May 15th.

What is your opinion on the inclusion of the Trans Pride Flag as an easter egg? Do you believe Gears for Breakfast included the easter egg to push a political agenda? Or is this yet another instance of a small issue being blown out of proportion by fans?

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