Creators across the YouTube platform are becoming increasingly frustrated with the video platforms lack of transparency regarding its automated demonetization algorithm.

Demonetization of channels has been an ever present point of contention between YouTube and the creators operating within the constrains of the constantly updating (and often knee-jerk or reactionary) rules for monetization, specifically in relation to their YouTube Partner Program. While the most well-known instance of conflict was the ‘Adpocalypse’, the problems have continued since the 2017 incident, with 2019 alone seeing creators demonetized for “videos that seem likely to attract predatory comments” and instituted vague guidelines regarding “borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways”, aka conspiracy theories. Now, users are facing an increasing wave of demonetization and are growing frustrated with the lack of reasoning behind their strikes from YouTube.

Many are confused as to why their videos were hit, claiming that their videos in no way violated the provided terms specified by the automated process. The wave effected a vast array of creators across numerous subjects, such as the UFO research channel Secureteam:

Virtual YouTuber AiAngel:

Pop-culture news and analysis channel Midnight’s Edge After Dark:

And Dragon Ball fan-channel DBS Hype:

In response to the increasing wave of vague demonetizations, Geeks + Gamers owner and founder Jeremy Griggs addressed the issue in a video titled Channels Demonetized – An Open Call To ALL YouTube Content Creators, a video which Griggs created and refused to monetize as the videos intent was to spread awareness:

In the video, Griggs issues a call to arms to creators across the platform, asking them to set aside their ideological differences and come together to demand improvements to YouTube’s demonetization process:

“We as creators have to start standing together. I don’t care if you have ten subs, five hundred, five thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, 500 thous, a million. All YT content creators need to stand together. We need to stop fighting with each other and we need to start having our own opinions, we need to start being strong with those opinions, and stop being intimidated because other channels have opinions that we don’t agree with. This is so much bigger than our individual opinions.”

What do you make of YouTube demonetizing a number of these popular channels? What do you make of Griggs’ call to action surrounding YouTube’s demonetization?