God of War game director David Jaffe recently declared that Kratos was a “raging bisexual.” However, he would quickly backtrack and indicate the whole thing was a lie and he was attempting to troll people upset over a Pride Month image using Kratos.

Jaffe made the announcement on Twitter noting that he wasn’t trying to pull a J.K. Rowling, who famously declared that Dumbledore was gay after she finished writing the main Harry Potter books.

Jaffe declared, “Oh, and one more thing: not to get all JK Rowling but when I was working on the origins of Kratos for the first games I knew he was a raging bi-sexual until he settled down with his wife.” So Kratos is officially bi.” He would also declare that the Oracle from the first God of War game is a lesbian, “Oh and the Oracle from GOW1? Lesbian, straight up! Boom!”

God of War lead animator, game director of God Of War II, God of War III, and 2018’s God of War Cory Barlog seemed to approve of Jaffe’s note that Kratos was a “raging bisexual” as he responded with a number of emojis.

Jaffe would send mixed messages just 15 minutes later. He would declare that his original Tweet was a lie “designed to just take the piss out of all the haters who are hating on that #PRIDE image of Kratos.” However, he would also indicate that if Kratos was bi all along that would be cool.

Despite declaring his original Tweet a lie, Jaffe would continue to defend the idea that Kratos was a s bisexual.

“I know- it was worded poorly. I was saying he was a raging (i.e. very active) bi guy before he settled down. After he married he was monogamous to one person, who happened to me a woman. Doesn’t mean he was no longer bi; just not practicing :).”

In a separate Tweet that definitely appears to be more of a troll than anything else Jaffe would claim that the reason why they didn’t depict Kratos being bisexual in any of the games was they “couldn’t afford to animate bi-sexuals.”

Jaffe would then explain that his original post describing Kratos as a “raging bisexual” and subsequent posts were an elaborate troll job

He specifically notes he claimed Kratos was a “raging bisexual” because he was upset that fans didn’t like Kratos wearing rainbow colors and being used to support “Pride Month.”

Jaffe would continue to elaborate on why he had decided to claim that Kratos was a “raging bisexual.”

He would then explain just who he was calling “too dumb” and declared that video games “should have more LGBT characters 100%.”

Nevertheless Jaffe would be roundly criticized for his “troll” and self-confessed lie that Kratos was a “raging bisexual.”

What do you think of this entire event? What do you make of Jaffe’s claim that he was joking about Kratos being a “raging bisexual?” Do you think he was genuinely upset about people not liking the LGBT Kratos image or do you think he was virtue signalling? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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