Report: Doctor Who Writer Gareth Roberts Dumped By BBC Books for Stance on Transgenders

Gareth Roberts, a writer for the popular Dr. Who TV series that airs on the BBC,  saw his upcoming Dr. Who short story removed from a BBC Books anthology.

Roberts claims his short story was removed from the anthology because a number of Doctor Who fans “agitated for my removal.”

He wrote on Medium about his short story being removed from the anthology.

“I was commissioned by BBC Books to write a short story for an anthology of Dr Who stories. I’ve written several Dr Who episodes for tv and many Dr Who books, for BBC Books and for Virgin, the previous licence holder for Dr Who fiction.

I completed and submitted the work.

The publication of the book and its authors was not intended to be announced until early June, but some details, including my contribution, were leaked accidentally.

At this point a section of the Dr Who fandom agitated for my removal. Also, some of the other contributing authors to the book (I don’t know who) threatened to withdraw if I was involved. BBC Books immediately folded to these demands, and I was informed that although I would be paid my story would not be published, as they judged – wrongly, in my opinion – that a potential boycott would make the book ‘economically unviable’.”

Roberts then shared an image of an offending Tweet, which he claims was the cause for the Dr. Who fans to agitate for his removal.

Gareth Roberts Tweet


On Medium, Gareth details some of his experiences as a gay man back in the 1980s. He specifically notes that as “a member of the London Lesbian and Gay Teenage group we referred to ourselves and each other as queers, trannies, and dykes.”

Roberts would then declare his position on gender identity.

“I don’t believe in gender identity. It is impossible for a person to change their biological sex. I don’t believe anybody is born in the wrong body.

I think it’s wrong to – write a falsehood into law; compel people by law to speak words they do not believe; rewrite the law to remove women’s biological sex-based rights and protections; reinforce gender stereotypes; medicalise children who don’t conform to gender stereotypes. That’s it.”

Gareth doesn’t end it there. He notes that his he doesn’t believe his view should be protected.

“I don’t believe my view should be protected either. People must be protected, ideas must never be. I would ask the writers who objected to my inclusion in the same book as them to reflect on that.”

One of the writers behind Gareth Roberts blacklisting claims to be a fellow contributor to the upcoming anthology volume, Susie Day. The children’s book author had some choice words to describe Roberts. She called him “an awful human being” who should experience “consequences” for his views.

Day would explain just why she targeted Roberts.

What do you make of BBC Book dropping Doctor Who writer Gareth Roberts from the anthology? Do you think he should have been dropped? What do you make of Susie Day’s explanation regarding why she targeted Roberts?

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