Utopia actor John Cusack blamed a “bot” after he was accused of posting an anti-semitic tweet.

The actor took to Twitter to share an image of a hand with a Star of David crushing a number of people. The image featured a quote from Voltaire that read, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Along with the image were the words, “Follow the money.”

As noted by New York Magazine and HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali, Cusack defended his tweet before deleting it. In one tweet Cusack questioned, “You think Israel isn’t commuting (sp?) atrocities against Palestinians ? what planet are you on ?” Cusack would also mock the idea of not being able to criticize a government, “You. Any critize (sp?) governments who do yrrrible (sp?) things – Gotcha”

After Cusack deleted the Tweet, he claimed “A bot got me – I thought I was endorsing a pro-Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted -.” He also added that a “a bot got me.”

After deleting his Tweet about claiming a bot got him, Cusack would claim he “mistakenly retweeted an alt right account.”

Cusack would then provide more clarity on the original tweet and why he deleted it.

What do you think of John Cusack’s original tweet, his original explanation for deleting the tweet, and his follow-up explanation? Was the cartoon that he shared inherently anti-Semitic in nature? Or does it not cross the line of anti-Semitism? As for a bot, do you buy he was somehow tricked by a bot? Or was the actor just trying to use a tired trope to cover himself after the backlash he received?

Let me know your thoughts below!

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