Singer and actress Bette Midler took to Twitter to claim that President Trump’s jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to thousands of premature deaths.

Midler responded to a report from Reuters stating that the Trump administration “finalized a new carbon emissions rule for U.S. power plants on Wednesday that said it could cut pollution without damaging the coal industry.”

Midler tweeted, “Trump’s uncontrollable jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to thousands of premature deaths from air pollution, wildfires, floods. What a small-minded, short-sighted little man.”

Trump and Midler have been targeting each other via Twitter for quite a bit now.

President Trump described Midler as a “washed up psycho” after she apologized for posting a completely fabricated meme about the President.

The two also exchanged blows back in 2012 before Trump even ran for President. Midler suggested Donald Trump needed “to be held down and his hair cut off, or strapped to the roof of the car!”

Trump responded by calling Midler “an extremely unattractive woman.”

Trump hasn’t been Bette Midler’s only target. She previously targeted Marvel Studios films describing them as “unbearably loud”  in an interview with Variety.

Midler, known for her role in Hocus Pocus, answered a question about whether she enjoys watching Marvel Studios films:

“I don’t really, to tell you the truth. They’re unbearably loud. They make such a racket. They don’t really have any decent dialogue. And there’s a lot of explosions. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like explosions. I’m not really an action fan. I think it’s something for young men. They like noise.”

What do you make of Bette Midler’s comments about Donald Trump?

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