Have the X-Men tamed the Krakoa?

Since the first teasers and the avalanche of covers that debuted for House of X and Powers of X, there has been at least one theme present in most of the artwork. Strange vegetation has consumed large portions of the fore and backgrounds. Sometimes they take a backseat to the characters, and other times they are so front and center that it’s almost impossible to not to talk about it.

New Cover for X-Men Summer Event finale - House of X #6

House of X #6 follows suit with the trend but takes even a step further. The cover has three characters, Storm, Emma Frost (former/current Black King of the Hellfire Club), and Exodus who is Magneto’s most loyal and fanatical follower. In the background is an ominous tree set upon what looks like a city or possibly even a space station. It’s similar to the floating Inhuman city, Attilan. At first glance, one may think that is fencing around the base of the tree, but upon a closer look the shapes are clearly people. Lots of people. Probably mutants and mostly X-Men.

New Cover for X-Men Summer Event finale - House of X #6

Powers of X #6 Cover. Not sure but that looks like Kitty Pryde or perhaps Moira MacTaggert, but that triangle on her chest looks an awful look like the design used on Nimrod/Prime Sentinels.

The tree and the fortress appear to be one and the same. And, I’m more than certain it’s the same vegetation we’ve been seeing on the covers of House of X/ Powers of X.

Proof of Link to Krakoa?

I’ve speculated that this vegetation is linked to Krakoa, the living island. What if all this is proof? Krakoa can and has been used for the benefit of the X-Men in the past. A miniature or proto version of the lifeform was basically part of the Jean Grey School estate and behaved much like a pet/guard dog to the X-Men and their students. What if someone took that a step further? Issue #5 of House of X has none other than the mad super scientist Mister Sinister on one of its variant covers.

House of X and Powers of X; 10 Questions Raised by the Covers for the X-Men Event

What if X (what Professor-X is going by while in possession of Fantomex’ body) has enlisted the help of dear Nathaniel Essex to genetically engineer their own version of Krakoa to build a new haven for mutant-kind? On multiple covers, X can be clearly seen either surrounded by the plants or holding them in high esteem. This is the final issue of the series, so it’s the culmination of 6 weeks of storytelling that’s been toted as “world changing.” Thus, it’s probably a big deal.

What do you think this castle means for our merry mutants? Let us know below!