Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Still Feature Weapon Triangle

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will still feature the iconic weapon triangle system the franchise is known for. However, it will be less noticeable and take on a slightly different form.

In an interview with Jeuxvideo at Japan Expo in Paris earlier this month, Toshiyuki Kusakihara and Genki Yokota discussed the upcoming game and confirmed the presence of the weapon triangle.

According to translations from Serenes Forest, Yokota confirmed the existence of the weapon triangle, but noted that it would be less visible.

Yokota stated:

 “The weapon triangle system hasn’t disappeared, it’s just less visible. Will we see it again in future games is difficult to say since we’re working on themes and game mechanics first before thinking about importing features in it. What we wanted to do in Three Houses is to give player freedom in tutoring their students, so that the player can give their favorites students whatever they want in weapons and skills. It helps the player identify with the team they’re raising.”

While the weapon triangle will still exist, it will be more in the form of training your students and characters in certain skills that will give them advantages over certain weapons. For example, if you train up your lance skill, you will be able to unlock Swordbreaker giving you an advantage over units wielding swords when you are wielding a lance.

However, it appears that just having lances doesn’t necessarily give you an advantage over swords. You need to train it up in order to unlock skills like Swordbreaker.

Are you interested in this new gameplay design for Fire Emblem? Or would you have preferred to see a more traditional weapon triangle implemented?

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