Nintendo Replaces Fire Emblem: Three Houses Voice Actor Chris Niosi Following Allegations of Abuse

Nintendo has replaced the voice actor for the male protagonist of their recently released game Fire Emblem: Three Houses after numerous allegations of abuse surfaced against voice actor Chris Niosi.

The first allegation of abuse against Niosi came from an alleged ex-girlfriend who referred to herself only as “Amy.” According to a Tumblr post by Amy, Niosi “is abusive and people need to know the truth about him,” which Amy attempts to accomplish by detailing multiple instances of abuse perpetrated against her, noting incidents such as when Niosi “physically manhandled me in front of my friends at a get-together because I wanted to get a drink,” “lied to me, twice, about how often he was communicating with his ex-girlfriend,” or was“planning to sexually take advantage of me when I was very intoxicated on my birthday last year.”

“Chris Niosi is a bad person and he knows it. He would tell me he was just simply oblivious to all his wrong-doings but I refuse to believe it. He doesn’t get to claim ignorance and abuse women. Everything was intentional. I decided I had enough and moved on and he tried every trick in the book to manipulate me into staying. After I broke up with him he couldn’t even respect me enough to give me distance. He was aggressive about taking me out to dinner and asked me out at least 3 times in the week after I dumped him. Chris Niosi also had the audacity to ask me to be “friends-with-benefits.” No respect. No remorse. He knew exactly what he was doing at every turn. He chooses to be an asshole, and will continue to do so until he dies. This man will never change. It’s who he is and he clearly prefers it that way.”

This was quickly followed by further allegations of abuse and manipulation by Heatcore creator Tara Welker, who also served as a proxy between Niosi and another ex-girlfriend, artist Audrey Kare, as well as a further accusation that Niosi had broken a non-disclosure agreement with Nintendo by revealing his role in Fire Emblem long before the official announcement:

Niosi would respond to these allegations in a Tumblr post, admitting that he has “horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues and even my significant others” and that he was coming forward to “for possibly the first time in my life, [do] the right thing”:

“My most recent ex-girlfriend, Amy, and I broke up in April of this year. She decided to cut ties in May, shortly after. Finally, on Saturday of this past weekend, she decided to create a callout post detailing the emotionally abusive things I did to her throughout our relationship. I decided that the right thing to do was to take responsibility for my actions and respond publicly. I took two full days to write an apology to Amy for all of the things I’ve done and posted it on Monday night. The following morning, I was beseeched by Amy, many concerned people who left comments of their own, as well as several of the victims of my abusive behavior in the past, to come clean and apologize to everyone I’ve hurt. I have finally decided to do so.

Before reading any of these, I ask that to anyone and everyone who sees this, including those I am apologizing to, to please allow me to put some things out here that are likely to come off as selfish, I feel are very important. I know that my decision to do this is inherently going to come off as a PR stunt or some form of damage control. While I can understand why people will think this, I want to assure you that it is not. This is not an attempt to preserve my career, or livelihood or my social standings with anybody. I have accepted that by talking about all of these things, my life is going to change and there will be consequences. More importantly, this is not in expectance of any form of forgiveness either, as I will be stating many times in several of these apologies, that I do not expect any of the following people TO forgive me for all I’ve done.”

As allegations continued to surface, Niosi would also make separate posts for individual victims of his behavior, which currently includes Amy, Tara Welker, Audrey Kare, Cailen Denton, Anthony LoGatto John Markel, and a user identified as “Filthyanimal”.

In the aftermath of these accusations, Nintendo quickly replaced Niosi as the voice of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses male protagonist Byleth in the Fire Emblem: Heroes mobile title, giving the role to One Punch Man and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure voice actor Zach Aguilar:

In a statement provided to multiple outlets, such as The Hollywood Reporter and Nintendo World Report, Nintendo confirmed that Niosi’s voice would be removed from Fire Emblem: Three Heroes in a future patch:

“After assessing the situation, we decided to rerecord the character’s voiceovers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes with another actor. The new voiceovers will be included in a future patch.”

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