Dumb and Dumber Actor Jeff Daniels Tells Stephen Colbert: America Needs Someone Who Can Punch Donald Trump in the Face

Dumb and Dumber actor Jeff Daniels appeared on The Late Show with host Stephen Colbert to declare that America needs someone who can challenge President Donald Trump and “punch him in the face.”

When Daniels first took the stage alongside Colbert, he was asked if he would ever run for office. Daniels responded, “No, God no.”  When asked why, he responded, “I don’t know enough.” He elaborated, “You look at these guys and you got to know about…you got to know too much. I know what I want. I know what I don’t want. But no, I don’t know enough. I think it should be left to people who know how government runs and who can get things done in the political system and the government we have. It shouldn’t be some guy who is popular.”

Daniels, who is currently appearing in a Broadway adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird, was asked by Colbert about whether or not Donald Trump’s criticisms of congresswomen like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and congressman Elijah Cummings changes the tone of the audience who views the play.

Daniels would respond saying:

“Baltimore is in the news…and so there are lines that land, you know, more so than maybe six months ago, maybe. To Kill A Mockingbird the play, you feel it and we’re  — it’s a mixed audience but there’s a lot of white people there. A lot of white, liberal America. A lot of white America is sitting out there and this play is like a right hook to their chin.”

He added:

“You watch the movie. You read the book. You feel the play. When Tom Robinson gets sent to jail, he’s 100 percent innocent, and the only reason he’s going to jail is because he’s black. You see Tom Robinson chained up and walking across the stage on his way to the electric chair and it’s a long cross. You feel that and America needs to feel that stuff. America needs to do better than look at that picture of that father and that daughter in the river — and you tell me — that you’re going to go to the voting booth, and you’re going to go “they shouldn’t have crossed the river. Now there are people out there that will believe that. Go ahead vote for him. Do it. ”

Daniels would then state, “We need somebody that will take this guy on. That can punch him in the face.”

He would go on to indicate that the Democrat candidates need to talk to the people who lost their manufacturing jobs when corporations shipped them to foreign countries like Mexico and China. He states, “They are the ones who are going to put an end to this madness.” He concluded that if the Democrats don’t talk to these people it will be “bad news November 2020.”

While promoting his Broadway adaptation of To Kill a Mocking Bird, Daniels has taken a number of shots at President Donald Trump. In May, during an appearance on MSNBC he declared that if Donald Trump won the election in 2020 it would be the “end of democracy.“In that same appearance, Daniels stated, “I love Joe Biden. Is he the guy who can stand up and punch him (Trump) in the face and win? That’s for you guys to decide.”

What do you make of Jeff Daniels’ comments?



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