The popular and controversial teenage YouTuber known as ‘Soph’ has had her channel banned from YouTube for violating their hate speech policy.

The suspension came shortly after Soph uploaded a video entitled Pride & Prejudice, wherein Soph discusses her opinions regarding LGBT topics, from the rising push to expose children to blatantly adult subject matter to the growing support for children in drag performing dance routines for adults, calling these points of activism as “immorality laundering” as “they put the indefensible together with the legitimate so you can’t scrutinize it without being called a homophobe.”

You can watch the video on Soph’s Bitchute channel here:

This video most likely ran afoul of YouTube’s hate speech policy due to some of the abrasive rhetoric used by Soph, such as stating that “homophobia is still effectively a leash to yank you by when you’re not giving sufficient leeway to LGBT depravity,” “gay people in and of themselves don’t pose a threat, but undermining the institution of marriage is an astronomical travesty that no one should tolerate,” and declaring that “if you want to be sexually promiscuous as an adult with other consenting adults, feel free to excommunicate yourself from the gene pool and commit suicide by super bacteria. Just don’t try to get kids roped in with your street orgies.”

Soph’s ban comes just two months after YouTube demonetized her channel due to a threat, made in jest by Soph, against YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Since then, Soph has simultaneously utilized a bitchute account to host her content.

In response to the ban, Soph herself appears to be unfazed, telling fans that “nothing of value was lost”:

However, she did encourage followers who might be upset about her channel being banned to send “complaint emails, do what you have to.”