Shortly after YouTube banned teenage content creator Soph from their site, crowd-funding platform Patreon and t-shirt-print-on-demand service Bonfire have followed suit and banned the young creator from using their services.

A day after Soph had been banned from YouTube, she announced via Twitter (in a now deleted Tweet) that her Patreon account had been suspended and that she would be migrating crowd-funding service to New Project 2, an invite-only Patreon alternative. (Archive link:

Days later, Soph took to Twitter to announce that she had been banned yet again, this time from Bonfire, a t-shirt printing service she was using to sell merchandise. (Archive link:

Despite her removal from these platforms, Soph continues to upload videos to her bitchute account. (Related:‘Soph’ Banned From YouTube for Violating “Hate Speech” Policy)

Visiting Soph’s former account on Bonfire returns a simple 404 page, while visiting her former Patreon account returns a message from the site noting that the page had been removed.

As of writing, neither Patreon nor Bonfire have publicly stated why Soph has been removed from their platforms, though many have speculated that it may be due to her viewpoints. (Related: 14-Year Old YouTuber Soph Comes Under Fire for Videos Criticizing Social Justice and Woke Culture)

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