The Incredibles 2 actress Sophia Bush took to Twitter to call for President Donald Trump to be ousted from office in order to “stop the madness.”

Bush, who played Voyd in Incredibles 2,  tweeted, “Trump is to blame. His incitement of hate is grounds enough for impeachment. Stop the madness. Oust the autocrat. Bring back the assault weapons ban. Prioritize the people. .”

Along with her own Tweet, Bush quote tweeted Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action and the self-proclaimed “worst nightmare” of the NRA. Watts tweeted out, “A 29-year-old white supremacist arrested in Boulder, Colorado, had recently tried to buy a gun, but was turned down because a background check determined he was a prohibited purchaser.

According to The Colorado Sun, police arrested 29-year-old Wesley Gilreath of Boulder, Colorado on “unrelated charges of possessing hundreds of child-porn images.” An unsealed federal search warrant revealed that the FBI had previously interviewed Gilreath in January after he posted a “hunting guide” listing the addresses of mosques and synagogues.

This isn’t the first time Sophia Bush has expressed her political beliefs. She recently indicated that she would no longer use the fitness chain SoulCycle after it was revealed that its parent company Equinox and its billionaire owner Stephen Ross held a fundraiser for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

Back in 2017, following the Los Vegas shooting the actress took to Instagram to push for greater “gun safety laws” and cited her experience as a gun owner saying in part, “I’ve been a sharp shooter since the age of 12, own my fair share of guns, & love nothing more than an afternoon at the range”

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Some of you have come at me on social media recently, telling me that I deserve to die. That I'm a disgrace to America. That I should get shot and stop complaining. All because I am heartbroken and really, really fucking angry about America's gun problem. I've had people tell me to give up my body guards. Guess what? I don't have any. Tell me that if I'd ever shot a gun in real life I'd feel differently. Guess what? I've been a sharp shooter since the age of 12, own my fair share of guns, & love nothing more than an afternoon at the range. Especially with the SWAT team and/or the servicemen & women I've visited on USO tours. I've had people tell me that I live in a "celebrity/coastal/libtarded bubble" & have no clue what real people go through. That my outrage is just band wagon jumping. Guess what? My cousin's 9 year old was murdered in a mass shooting. In Arizona. No coastal bubble in sight to save her. So STOP. If you're more outraged that I'd say "fuck you" to a President & GOP masquerading as leaders, than you are that they're pushing laws to make silencers readily available (because they're getting NRA $$) the same week of a mass shooting? Well then you & I have different priorities. And that's fine. But on my end? I'm angry that the NRA wants to sell more crap that we don't need so they can make money. I'm angry that they're claiming it's about ear protection. Newsflash it's not. That's what cans are for. I'm angry that money is valued more than human life in this country. I'd happily go through more rigorous background checks, wait longer to get a gun, or give my guns BACK, if it meant we could work toward stopping this madness. Saying it doesn't work that way just ISN'T real. Data doesn't lie. Every country that's enacted some form of gun control has ended massacres. And for the "dangerous criminals who don't abide by laws?" That's what our police & military are for. And they don't think any of us need auto/semi-auto weapons or silencers either. So the next time you tell one of your fellow Americans to die/get raped/leave the country because she doesn't like that leaders value kickbacks over children's lives? Look in a mirror. Long & hard.

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What do you make of Sophia Bush’s comments?

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