A member of the Star Wars fan organization The 501st Legion recently called for a mass reporting campaign against an artist in an effort to forcefully dissuade him from parodying the organization’s logo.

Artist Steve Wayne recently presented his followers with a logo for the collective of Star Wars fans disillusioned with the direction Disney-era Star Wars has taken, known as The Fandom Menace, which was intended as an obvious parody of the long used logo of The 501st Legion:

A side-by-side comparison of the two logos can be seen below:

'The 501st Legion' Member Calls for Mass Reporting Campaign Against Artist for Parody Logo

This parody logo was later rightfully recognized as looking similar to the logo of The 501st Legion by Legion member Marietta Ivanova, who took offense to the parody and called for other members of the Legion to “react quickly” to prevent the logo from being available for further use. (Archive link: http://archive.is/unC8D)

“501st Members, we need to react quickly.

Youtube’s Disney hater movement “Fandom Menace” has hijacked our logo and started making products with it. Fandom Menace should not be underestimated. They have a combined fan base of hundreds of thousands of Star Wars fans. We’re talking potentially tens of thousands people buying clothing with our well known logo twisted to publicly and vocally fight Lucasfilm and Disney, promoting that logo at Disney’s events, like the Star Wars celebration.

Please go to Twitter, my username is mariettanova. Retweet! Please comment, contact the youtubers who I have tagged there. I don’t think they are even aware that their artist ripped off our Logo!”

The reporting campaign eventually spilled over onto Twitter, where Wayne defended himself by stating that his logo was a parody, noting Ivanova’s hypocrisy that the logo used by The 501st Legion was itself a parody of United States military emblems:

Ivanova, faced with unexpected backlash against herself, deleted the original Twitter thread with her call to arms whilst simultaneously putting forth her reasoning behind the campaign:

This explanation did not sit well with Wayne, who responded by stating that he ultimately believes Ivanova “owe[s] everybody [an] apology”:

Since deleting her initial Tweets, Ivanova claims to have been hospitalized due to the stress and backlash surrounding the campaign:

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