Star Trek Alum George Takei took aim at President Donald Trump and more specifically his border enforcement policies describing them as “intentional evil” and a “grotesque low.”

While promoting the second season of The Terror: Infamy, Takei commented on President Trump’s current border enforcement policies. The Terror: Infamy adds a supernatural horror element to the Japanese internment camps set up by Democrat President Franklin Roosevelt in 1942, of which Takei has personal experience.

He spoke with The Huffington Post, where he said that Trump’s immigration enforcement policies are a “grotesque low.” He would continue, “[Trump] is trying to say that he’s doing this in the name of America. We will not allow that. We will not allow this to get the stamp of Americanism.” Takei added, “This is a warped, ignorant and cruel evil form of Americanism that’s happening there.”

Takei would go on to compare his time in the Japanese internment camps under Roosevelt’s policy to Trump’s current policy. “When we were incarcerated, the children were always intact with our family. I was never separated from my parents. We have reached a new low.” He then described that new low as “a level of cruelty and evil with this administration.” He continued to describe Trump’s policy as an “intentional evil to ruin [their] lives at their tender age.”

The Huffington Post reports “many Japanese American families were split apart during their wartime incarceration.”

Takei concluded:

“These peoples’ lives have been destroyed at this early stage. This is not being done in the name of us Americans. We reject it and we’re working to get another generation of young people, of young Americans, who will not allow it in the future.”


This isn’t the first time the actor has made his opinions known on how border enforcement is being carried out. This past June the actor compared enforcement polices to American slavery. (Related: Star Trek Actor George Takei Compares Border Enforcement Policies to Slavery)

At the beginning of this year, he also took a swipe at Trump due to the fast-food spread he provided to Clemson athletes who won the College Football National Championship. He called it a “National Trauma.” (Related: Star Trek Alum George Takei Describes Donald Trump’s Fast-Food Spread as a “National Trauma”)

As many knows, Takei has been very vocal of his disdain for the President and his policies. Earlier this week the actor would take to Twitter to call the upcoming 2020 presidential elections “consequential.” He would write, “We made a terrible mistake in 2016. Next year we get a chance to fix it. If we fail, our democracy and the very planet itself are at grave risk.”

What do you make of Takei’s comments? Do you agree with him? Or do you think he is completely wrong?

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