Hellboy actor Ron Perlman admitted he was suspended by Twitter after he wished death on billionaire Charles Koch after his brother David Koch passed away.

Perlman wished death on Charles Koch following the death of his brother David writing, “Wishing the Koch brothers a speedy reunion.”

Following his 12 hour suspension for the tweet, Perlman took to Twitter to admit he was suspended. He would also claim he was being “silenced for calling out fascism.” He then insinuated the Koch brothers “rape and pillage the very we air breathe.”

Perlman wrote, “Yesterday Twitter slapped me with a 12-hour ban for a tweet referencing the Koch brothers. The day that we are silenced for calling out fascism, for point a finger at those who would rape and pillage the very air we breathe, may God help us!”

Perlman has used his Twitter presence to attack Republicans in the past. This past January, Perlman referred to the Republican party as the “KKK party.” He also referred to Republican representative Steve King as a “Nazi.” (Related: Former Hellboy Actor Ron Perlman Unleashes His Fury At The GOP)

He has also targeted President Donald Trump. Back In November, Perlman predicted that Donald Trump would be found guilty “for the high crime of treason.” He also lamented that Donald Trump had not been tried to human rights abuses. (Related: Former Hellboy Actor Ron Perlman Claims That Trump Will Be “In Chains” For High Crimes of Treason)

Lindsey Graham has also been a target of Ron Perlman as has former Republican presidential candidate and the current Secretary of Health and Human Services Ben Carson. He called Carson, a “mentally challenged brain surgeon.” (Related: Former Hellboy Actor Ron Perlman Attacks U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham with Homophobic Language)

What do you make of Ron Perlman’s comments? Do you think Twitter was right in suspending him?