Clara McGregor, daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Birds of Prey actor Ewan McGregor, recently opened up to the public in an emotional and personal Instagram post to discuss her personal struggles, such as depression, substance abuse, and surviving a sexual assault, and the effects these struggles have had on her mental health.

Posted on September 28th, McGregor states that she was making the post to inspire confidence in others to discuss their mental health troubles, asking for her fans to “Help yourself so others can help you too. And never be ashamed to talk about it.” (Related: Bella Thorne: “I Was Molested My Whole Life”)

This was really hard for me to open up about so go easy on me ❤️ lil moment of honest in hopes that it can help others feel less alone. This past year I dealt with addiction, I got sober, and I dealt with a great deal of depression and anxiety I had an abusive relationship, I had an abortion the list goes only. Anxiety has been something Iv lived with since I was 4 years old. Iv been having panic attacks since I was a child and I didn’t know that I could live my life without this crippling fear. I didn’t know there was a way to get better. But there is. Help yourself so others can help you too. And never be ashamed to talk about it.

In her post, McGregor reveals that she’s had “crippling anxiety since I was 4 years and gone through my fair share of depression” and found her “anxiety has stopped me from living the life I want to live” and that she has “struggled with substance abuse” but has recently achieved being “clean and sober off of pills for 110 days.” Shockingly, McGregor also notes that she had suffered “bruises, the black eyes, the rapes” from an unnamed male. However, despite being “ashamed of my addiction, of my anxiety and depression” and “ashamed of the abuse,” McGregor optimistically asserts that “I’m regaining this power now,” feeling “so loved and blessed with where I am now” thanks to “those who helped me through my darkest times.”

In response to a critic on Instagram who responded to McGregor’s post claiming that McGregor’s “whole life of luxury thing gives you too much free time and no responsibility,” McGregor states that she is “just like every other woman out there” and hoped her “background wouldn’t outweigh my experience.” (Related: Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Shares Photos of Self-Harm – Claims Abuser Threatened to Kill Her!)

“you have no idea how I live or how hard I work. I don’t understand your “normal” person. I am just like every other woman out there who has experienced things like that. I am so grateful for the life I am able to lead but I would hope by background wouldn’t outweigh my experience.”