Audiences at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin were treated opening night to what may turn out to be one of the best horror films of the year, “Saint Maud.” Crunchy glass, naked skin, and a character that doesn’t want to waste the pain, had audiences squirming in their seats at the Alamo Drafthouse during opening night.


While caring for a terminally ill patient in at-home care, a deeply spiritual and young nurse (Morfydd Clark)  is dedicated to more than physically caring for her patients. Her penchant for doing good on behalf of God has no bounds in the fight to save her patient from damnation.

Amanda, an attractive and popular dancer retreats to the Jersey Shore to fight a losing battle with cancer. Surrounded by visiting friends, tasty cigarettes, a plethora of booze, and moderate exercise in the bedroom and out she’s in relatively good spirits despite her prognosis.

A friendship built on curiosity and need arises between herself and nurse Maud. Kind moments between the women only foreshadow what is to come in a battle between good and evil, Satan and God, or is it all in Maud’s mind?

A beauty of a thriller that doubles as a horror flick, this film packs some intense moments from start to finish. Actress Morfydd Clark, who plays Maud, gives a performance that initially evokes sympathy for the mousy and devout religious nurse that quickly escalates to curiosity and then outright squirm in your seat intensity as she walks into what might be insanity mixed with religious fanaticism.

The Verdict

As great as she is in the role the real star of the film is the writer director Rose Glass who has created a tightly wound story that will leave you in the last moments both satisfied but wanting to know what the hell did you just watch. Not to be missed by fans of the horror genre.

Saint Maud is part of the line up at 2019 Fantastic Fest, one of the most epic film festivals in America. A week long celebration of all things FANTASTIC in film. Look for it to be released sometime in the near future from A24 Pictures that picked the film up shortly after this screening.

Fantastic Fest Features Striking New Horror Film, "Saint Maud"
  • Strong Story Telling
  • Sound Editing
  • Acting
  • May not appeal to wide audience
9Overall Score
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