Kudos to Epic Games. Fortnite’s season 10 ending event was unprecedented.

Players were surprised late Sunday, when literally everything was sucked into a black hole.

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The servers would go offline, and even Fortnite’s social media accounts and Twitch page would be briefly deleted.

24 hours later, players were treated to a brand new Fortnite experience.

Call it a sequel, call it a reboot, call it whatever, but Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 is here.

The game introduces a whole new world and new map. Players will immediately notice that while there are some familiar landmarks, everything is different.

It seems that this is a sort of alternate universe version of the Fortnite world.

There’s cosmetic updates to the entire island and its landscape. There are also cosmetic updates to weapons, items, and characters.

The game has found a way to make sure players explore every area of the new island: an updating map.

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When players first enter a game, the map is gray and the named locations have three question marks above them instead. As you visit named landmarks, sections of the map unlock, and they’ll be colored in the next time you pull up the map.

Not only does this encourage players to visit the entire island and complete their map, it helps keep track of the places they haven’t checked out.

The leveling system has also changed. Players get experience for opening chests and ammo crates, surviving longer in matches, and completing other tasks. It’s much more than just fighting.

A new fishing feature has been added, as players can now pull out a fishing pole and fish for items if they’re near a body of water. Players will also gain experience from fishing.

The weapons are pretty much the same, aside from the three round burst coming back and a rare version of the pistol. The SMG is also back.

There’s a new epic rarity “bandage launcher” that isn’t a weapon, but allows a player to rapidly shoot bandages on the ground to help teammates.

There’s no vending machines this time around, but there are upgrade benches throughout the island. It costs varying amounts of resources to upgrade a weapon to the next tier. Big ammo boxes are available now, in addition to the small ones.

Hiding is also a good strategy in this new game. You can hide in a dumpster completely concealed and then jump out to get the drop on an opponent. Haystacks also work in this way, but they are vulnerable to the pickax.

You can also now pick up downed enemies. This could be useful to lure the opponent’s teammates to a specific location or to move to a safe place to finish the kill and collect dropped loot.

They also introduced a new #D Headphones audio feature.

All in all, this is a brand new game, and Fortnite players are back to having fun again.

Have you played Fornite Chapter 2? Leave a comment below after you try it.

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