Rob Delaney of Amazon Prime’s Catastrophe Believes President Trump Should “Rot In Hell”

Rob Delaney, star of Amazon Prime’s Catastrophe, saw Trump’s October 10th rally in Minneapolis and didn’t have any kind words as a result.

The actor and proud socialist called President Trump a “nazi c**t” who deserved to “rot in hell.”

The actor directed his comments to the part of Trump’s speech where he criticized leaders in Washington, DC for resettling a large number of Somali refugees into the state.

Delaney Ticked as Trump Chastises Leaders

In his speech, Trump chastised leaders for resettling refugees without considering the local impact of greater resources being needed for schools and public services.

He said in part:

“For many years, leaders in Washington brought thousands of refugees to your state from Somalia…without considering the impact on schools and communities and taxpayers.”

Adding to that, the President promised to allow local communities to have a greater say on refugee policy. Which brought widespread applause from those in attendance.

However, the Amazon Prime star wasn’t impressed by Trump’s wish to allow for greater local consideration when it comes to immigration/refugee policy.

Delaney shared the clip on Twitter and made the comment about Trump.

However, it isn’t the only President who Delaney believes is a Nazi or chooses to use in comparison.

Delaney Blasts the First Lady, Too

Last October the actor claimed First Lady Melania Trump was “cosplaying” a Nazi during her trip to Egpyt.

Allure reported on how many people online were claiming that the first lady “made some questionable clothing choices while on tour in Africa“.

Delaney Spreads His Commentary Around

This isn’t the actor’s first rodeo when it comes to political commentary both in the United States as well as abroad.

In 2017, the actor was very clear with his support of Labor and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK.

Then this past February, he pledged his support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign in a Tweet:

Catastrophe ended with its fourth season and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. But, these are likely not the last time we’ll hear from Rob Delaney.

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