Actor and comedian Tom Arnold recently targeted Agent Poso creator Jack Posobiec describing him as a bully to women and a “cowardly Trump suck up loser.”

Arnold targeted Posobiec after he questioned Democrat congresswoman Katie Hill, “Any apology for the girls who trusted you that you manipulated and mistreated?”

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Arnold responded, “Katie Hill has accomplished more in her short career than Jack Posobiec & all his loser friends ever will.” He then described Posobiec as a bully of women, “Stop using your many personal failures in life as an excuse to bully women who you know are better humans & far more talented than any of you cowardly Trump suck up losers.”

Arnold would not stop there. In response to a tweet promoting his upcoming graphic novel, Arnold would accuse Posobiec of being a “digital bully of sexual assault survivors & an amoral cowardly narc.”

He also described the spy thriller graphic novel as “kiddie porn.”

We reached out to Posobiec for comment. He told us:

“Tom Arnold is a Z-lister desperate to stay relevant by hitching his wagon to the Resistance and shooting his mouth off. The only bullies in this are Tom Arnold who recently made sexually-charged comments to Diamond and Silk and Katie Hill who groomed and manipulated her young staffers with sex and drugs.”

Posobiec added:

“As a veteran, we don’t stand for that crap. The entire veteran community rallied at his gutter-tier comments and sent him packing. We don’t have to ask if we’ve contributed to this country. We’ve worn the uniform.”

As Posobiec mentions, he would not be the only one Arnold engaged with on Twitter. He recently responded to popular pundits Diamond and Silk after they indicated he should be put under investigation. Arnold had previously received a visit from the Secret Service.

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Arnold wrote, “I’d like to investigate every crack curve & crevice of you two tons of fun’s heavenly bodies. I’ll start with intensive oral examination of your naughty bits.”

He continued, “So take off all yo clothes & get your big booties butts back into Big Daddy’s hot tub. Don’t bring Streisand. Too freaky.”

This behavior is not out of the ordinary for Arnold. Back in August the former True Lies actor shared a fantasy about standing over the corpse of Donald Trump Jr.

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Arnold’s ex-wife also blamed Arnold’s obsession with Donald Trump as one of the reasons their marriage failed. Court documents obtained by The Blast, Ashely Groussman Arnold stated, “Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage.” She added, “For the past two years it has consumed his life and presented numerous safety issues for our family.”

She also described his behavior as “increasingly erratic” and noted that he was abusing prescription drugs.

“Since separation, Tom has continued to engage in non-child centered conduct and abuse of prescription drugs,” claims Groussman Arnold. The Blast claims the prescriptions were Phentermine and Fenfluramine or Fen-Phen.

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Arnold also accused former Superman actor Dean of being a “fake Christian coward” and “anti-LGBTQ & racist” back in September 2018. Cain would actually confront Arnold in person when the two crossed paths in Glendale, California for appearances on Larry King Now.

During the confrontation Arnold would demand to see the tweet before eventually appearing to make amends and even hugging Cain. Cain would note on Twitter that after he confronted Arnold, the True Lies actor “backed down.”

What do you make of Tom Arnold’s most recent accusations against Jack Posobiec? What about his comments towards Diamond and Silk? What do you make of Jack Posobiec’s response to Arnold?

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