A new Doctor Who rumor details that Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor will lecture David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in an upcoming crossover special.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock, who cites an anonymous source from inside the Doctor Who production.

Not only does the rumor detail Whittaker’s Doctor will lecture Tennant, but it details that showrunner Chris Chibnall and actress Jodie Whittaker will remain on Doctor Who contrary to previous rumors.

Doomcock states, “According to this source, contrary to rumors it seems that Chibnall and Whittaker are not leaving the show.”

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He adds, “If that were the case, perhaps we wouldn’t be getting the worst news. Which is simply this. There is currently an upcoming crossover special in pre-production that features Jodie Whittaker going over the top on lecturing a cucked David Tennant on his past biases and forcing him to repent for his toxic masculinity.”

Doomcock continues, “I wish this was a joke email, my source added, but it’s not. My source claims, ‘It’s literally a Jodie lecture talking about how she is talking about her past incarnations, putting them down.'”

Doomcock’s source also reveals that Matt Smith, who played the Eleventh Doctor, refused to participate in the special. “According to my source, ‘Matt Smith refused to do the special because of the shit they would have done to his character.’ Furthermore, my source informed me that Peter Capaldi made excuses that he needed to dedicate more time to the Suicide Squad so he get around being in it.”

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As for when the special was supposed to appear, Doomock explains, “My source claims this was supposed to be an upcoming Christmas special. However, it may have to be bumped back to a 2020 release because of repeated delays in production because the showrunner keeps making power plays for more money and creative control to push identity politics.”

Doomcock’s source also provided him some information on what to expect in the upcoming 2020 season.

“Of the upcoming season, my source informs me that while the 2020 season was supposed to be a course correction, the showrunner’s power plays, and Jodie wanting more social justice stuff, and the BBC point blank refusing to decline her wants in fear of the first female Doctor quitting or worse having to fire her has gotten so bad, people are scared of what to write for her. So this season is going to be even more over the top with SJW politics, lectures, and virtue signalling.”

He then laments, “And so with Jodie Whittaker, the BBC has taken what was a charming, wonderful, whimsical, magical show and turned it into a propaganda vehicle for SJW politics.”

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A Doctor Who teaser or trailer with Jodie Whittaker is more than likely on the horizon as the official Twitter account revealed a new image saying, “Watch this space…” The image appears to depict Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

What do you make of this new Doctor Who rumor? What do you expect from the new season of Doctor Who?