If you’re a Rainbow Six: Siege player, the new year 4, season 4 patch is now live on the test server.

The patch adds 2 new operators, Indian Attacker Kali and Kenyan Defender Wamai.

Kali carries the CSRX 300, making her the first dedicated sniper in the game since Glaz. The CSRX 300 is the game’s first bolt-action rifle. It can penetrate seven layers of regular walls with a single shot.

The CSRX’s gadget can destroy almost any defensive gear sitting on the other side of a reinforced wall. There are 3 charges on the CSRX’s gadget. It fires like Ash’s breaching round, and it is named the LV explosive lance.

Kali’s rifle can zoom to 5X or 12X, (compared to Glaz’s 3X magnification), allowing her to operate at a significantly longer range than any other operator.

She works as a long range alternative to Glaz, with the breaching and disabling abilities of Ash and Thatcher. The counterbalance to her are thick white tracers that hang in the air with every shot from the CSRX, pointing a clear line to Kali’s position.

Kali will be a welcome alternative to players who want to be slow and tactical, and move from a distance.

Another note on Kali’s weapon: Headshots are instant kill, shots anywhere other than the head are instant down that will knock a player prone.

The prone effect will give the downed player a fighting chance to crawl to a teammate and get revived. That said, Kali is now the most lethal operator in the game.

While Kali is the talk of the update, the new defender, Wamai, is just as dynamic. Players have wanted an alternative to Jager for some time. Finally, they have it.

Wamai’s gadget, the MAG-NET system, works similar to Jager’s ADS. The MAG-NET snags enemy grenades out of the air from a distance of several meters.

The difference that the MAG-NET provides from the ADS is that it resets the fuse on grenades. Attackers now have to be mindful about grenade and gadget placement, as the MAG-NET will turn these against them.

Wamai should be an effective counter to almost any attacker except Hibana, as Hibana’s gadgets are immune.

The MAG-NET system has a much wider range than Jager’s ADS, so Wamai should have a pretty good pick rate.

The Theme park map has also returned, after undergoing some changes. The Rail Platform has been removed and the east and west sections have been brought closer together.

Inside, the east section has evolved, particularly downstairs.

The Throne Room and Armory are new bomb sites.

The new Gong Room is the main entrance, while the Arcade is now blocked.

Additional updates to the 2 operators and the map have also been introduced:

  • Limb penetration has been implemented
  • Rappel exist will request a prompt from player to enter rappel
  • Operator price decrease (Hibana, Echo, Dokkaebi, Vigil, Zofia, Nomad, Kaid)

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