A new Doctor Who Season 12 rumor indicates the show will reveal Doctor Who’s original gender.

The rumor comes from Gary Beuchler on his Nerdrotic YouTube channel.

Buechler details, “It looks like that there might be multiple sets of regenerations.”

He adds:

“I’ve been told that they’ve been playing around the idea or they’re going to go ahead with the idea of multiple regenerations. And something I predicted over a year ago, the Doctor will originally have been a woman.”

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However, Gary then details that his source tells him the show won’t come out and directly state that the doctor will be a woman, but they will allude to it.

“But according to my source they will not give a specific number on multiple sets of regenerations. And they won’t specifically come out and say he was a woman first. It will be more like alluding to it, keeping it vague with a little wink.”

Buechler believes this will “rock the fandom.”

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He also believes there is some truth to this rumor. Gary says, “Do I necessarily believe it? Not necessarily. I say there is a 50/50 chance of it happening, or it going down like this.”

He explains why there might be some truth to it:

“In Series 11 Episode 2 “The Ghost Monument,” the Doctor  encounters a predator psychic form of Ribbon…This Ribbon says, ‘We see deeper though. Further back the timeless child. We see what’s hidden even from yourself, the outcast, abandoned and unknown.”

Buechler also cites a RadioTimes article which theorizes, “There is evidence from Doctor Who canon that the Doctor may have had a cycle of regenerations prior to her current on – could this be a reference to that perhaps: the Doctor’s “unknown” former selves?”

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think the Doctor will be made to originally be a woman in Season 12 of Doctor Who?


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