Former DC Comics artist and the creator of Cyberfrog Ethan Van Sciver took to Twitter to declare that “comics are being destroyed by the SJW Taliban.”

Van Sciver’s comments came amid an increasing trend where individuals are lampooning beautifully drawn women and their artists.

The Green Lantern artist took to Twitter to call for a return to “beautiful sexy superwomen in comics.”

One Twitter user, Gary T. Burnaska, would respond to Van Sciver’s call to return to “beautiful sexy superwomen in comics again” by comparing it to pornography.

Burnaska wrote:

“WANK OFF TO REAL PORN. This is the fanboy mentality that is destroying comics.”

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He added, “Slit the throat of anyone who wants to pull the industry out of the fanboy neck beard ghetto.”

That’s when Van Sciver would respond, educating Burnaska on the distinction between attractive female comic book characters and pornography.

Van Sciver writes, “Porn is sexually explicit material. The glorification of the female form, beautifully exaggerated to physical perfection is one of the things that SELLS COMICS.”

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He added, “Comix are being destroyed by the SJW Taliban that shames people for having FUN and finding JOY in this. Repent.”

Van Sciver and Burnaka would go back and forth and continue to explain the difference between sexy comic book characters and pornography asking, “Why are you b******* about women being half-clothed and beautiful in them, and calling that porn?”

Van Sciver would add that comics are continuing to die because of SJW Puritans noting that this trend will continue with “more and more rabid lunacy like this.”

He concluded saying, “SJW shit failed. Nobody wants to be scolded and lectured by soyboys and bluehairs about Diversity with shitty fake characters.”

Van Sciver is not the only artist who has been outspoken about this recent phenomenon.

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One tweet trashing the art that described men as “trash” and noted they “shouldn’t be allowed to draw women” was retweeted over 5,000 times and received over 28,000 likes.

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Campbell also defended fellow artist Frank Cho after he came under fire from Comics Alliance’s Editor-in-Chief Andrew Wheeler back in 2016. He described the individuals attacking Cho as “finger waggers, internet moms, and overzealous SJWs.”

Everglade Angels creator Blake Northcott would also defend Cho describing Wheeler as “an angry vocal minority who [doesn’t] even READ comics, but complain about them incessantly.”

What do you make of Ethan Van Sciver’s statement? What do you make of this ongoing trend when it comes to comic book art?



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