Actor and comic book writer Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to respond to President Donald Trump’s criticism of Climate Crisis activist Greta Thunberg.

On Twitter Oswalt called President Donald Trump “a stupid asshole.” He would go on to disparage President Trump’s supporters, “And if you voted for him you’re a stupid asshole and if you still support him you’re a stupid asshole.”

He concluded, “Oh no this Tweet is going to make all the stupid assholes not like me waaaaah.”

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Oswalt has a long history on Twitter criticizing the president and his supporters.

Back in March he described President Trump’s White House as an “18-wheeler full of monkeys and PCP that has crashed into a train full of diarrhea, and so there’s diarrhea-covered monkeys on PCP running around everyone is just watching it like, ‘Oh my god!'”

He added, “we’re living in a world where the ground is kind of collapsing underneath of us, if you’re waking up and just being nice to people, you’re being an activist at this point.”

Patton Oswalt: “America Elected An Openly Racist, Failed Grifter, Sexual Predator…”

Later in March, he would state, “The SCARIER thing is facing the fact that America elected an openly racist, failed grifter, sexual predator to the highest office in the land — all by ourselves. There was no one guiding us, no plot to destroy us. We did it. To ourselves.”

However, the actor has been sympathetic to Trump supporters at times.  In February, Patton Oswalt would not only donate, but help publicize a Trump supporters Go Fund Me in order to help with his medical bills.

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Though that willingness to step to the other side and understand their concerns seemed to be short-lived after the actor wrote an essay on McSweeneys last August where he said those who support President Trump “can f*** right off.”

In part, the actor points to how he and others work against “the entitled bully” by fundraising, and other forms of activism.

“Because this is the epoch of the entitled bully, and everyone else — even those who support the bullies but just so happen to be weak — can f*** right off. If we see racism? We call it out and deal with it. They’re not going to step in. If we see blatant hypocrisy and greed? We do our best to curtail it, ’cause it’s what they’re aspiring to.”

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He added:

“America is off-course, brakeless, blindly rushing toward oblivion? We should steal our neighbor’s seatbelts and try to save ourselves, because not  only is there no one at the wheel — we’re not even allowed near the driver’s seat.”

What do you make of Patton Oswalt’s recent comments?

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