Star Trek: Discovery’s Jason Isaacs Calls Critics “Non-Star Trek Fans, Racist Right-Wing Lunatics”

Star Trek: Discovery’s Jason Issacs, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca, launched another attack against critics of the show and Star Trek fans calling fans “racist right-wing lunatics.”

In an interview with Radio Times, the British actor discussed the critics of the show and Star Trek fans who were not happy with it.

Isaacs stated:

“Initially when we launched Star Trek there were a bunch of voices pretending to be Star Trek fans online, complaining that we were social justice warriors, and that it was all too right-on, the MeToo generation, that we had a young black woman lead.”

He then added:

“And they were exposed very quickly as a bunch of non-Star Trek fans, racist right-wing lunatics – because the real fans took to them as soon as the show started running.”

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Isaacs would then explain why he believes these fans are not Star Trek fans.

“That’s not what Star Trek fans think. It was people who were jumping on the bandwagon to espouse these disgusting views thinking that they had a platform for it.”

He continued indicating that he believes Star Trek is all about social justice pointing to the inclusion of Pavel Chekhov in the original series and the first interractial kiss between Captain Kirk and  Lt. Uhura.

“And very quickly they were drowned out by people telling them… if they thought the makers of Star Trek were social justice warriors, they were absolutely right! Because that’s what it’s all about. They had a Russian on deck right at the heart of the Cold War. And they had the first interracial kiss!”

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Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green would echo Issac’s comparison of Roddenbury’s desire to display an ideal utopian vision of the future with modern SJW philosophy:

“I think that the idea of justice and diversity and indivisibility, these truths are at the heart of the Star Trek franchise in general and these truths that the show was built upon in the very beginning, in the 60s.”

Martin-Green added:

“It was a big part of the conversation in the beginning because this was a reintroduction of this franchise and it was the attempt to bring these truths to today and to bring Star Trek to this new generation, continue its legacy.”

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Isaacs would then backtrack on his previous comments stating that he doesn’t believe all of the critics of Discovery are racists.

“There was an odd thing that went on when we first started, there were a lot of people saying negative stuff.”

He added:

“Because there was the Star Trek that they love, that they grew up with, and we weren’t that. I was a bit disappointed that they faded away so quickly, because I know Next Generation had a couple of seasons worth of resistance. The fans seemed to like this very quickly.”

He concluded by encouraging people to watch Discovery when it airs on broadcast TV in the UK.

“Everyone I know in the world has seen it, but I presume there are people yet who haven’t, or people who want to watch it again! It’s nice that it’s reaching an audience, it’s also nice to tell stories that aren’t solely in a vacuum.”

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Interestingly enough, the show made it a point to go after President Donald Trump and his supporters. In an interview with Rolling Stone back in September 2017 before the show premiered its first episode on CBS All Access, then co-executive producer Aaron Harberts stated Trump’s election was “front and center in our minds.”

He even noted a faction of the Klingons would be stand-ins for Trump supporters.

“We felt like it would be interesting to really look at what’s going on in the United States.”

Rolling Stone’s Chris Chaffin wrote:

“He mentions that among the show’s antagonists are an ultra-religious and violent Klingon faction whose rallying cry – “Remain Klingon” – is intentionally reminiscent of “Make America Great Again.”

Harberts explained the Remain Klingon slogan:

“It’s a call to isolationism. It’s about racial purity, and it’s about wanting to take care of yourself. And if anybody is reaching a hand out to help you, it’s about smacking it away . . . That was pretty provocative for us, and it wasn’t necessarily something that we wanted to completely lean into. But it was happening. We were hearing the stories.”

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This isn’t the first time Isaacs has gone after Star Trek fans. He accused a fan of hurling abuse when they questioned why the show was changing the Klingon’s and if the cast had ever watched Star Trek.

In fact, Isaacs accused the fan of tagging all the cast, when it was in fact the official Star Trek account who did that and the fan was merely replying to their tweet.

He also attempted to degrade the fan by implying he works at McDonald’s.

He continued mocking him by using a line from the Kingsman.

Isaacs also expressed the opinion that critics of the show were merely hating on the show because it featured a person of color and woman as the lead.

He stated, “those people who hate on the show because we have a person of color and woman as the lead, they can go f*** themselves.”

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In that same Rolling Stone interview, Isaacs also discussed the recent Trump election and the Brexit vote and how it would apply to the show.

“We’re living in monstrous times, let’s not dance around it. Hideous, divisive times, when all sorts of stuff we thought was long buried is coming to the surface, and being encouraged by the most powerful people on the planet. We’re living in disgusting times.”

Isaacs added:

“I don’t think science fiction can solve any of these things. But we are holding up an optimistic vision of what the world could be – a better vision of ourselves.”

What do you think of Issacs repeated attacks against fans disturbed at the current direction of the Star Trek franchise? Let me know in the comments below!

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