Kevin Spacey has reached a settlement in a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him by a since-deceased, anonymous male masseuse just days after a second man who accused the actor of a similar assault was found dead from an apparent suicide.

The anonymous male, since referred to as ‘John Doe,’ claimed that he was forcefully made to touch Spacey’s genitalia before attempting to coerce the man into oral sex while providing massage services at the actor’s Malibu home.

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While Spacey had requested that the case be dismissed unless Doe revealed his identity, a judge ruled in favor of the man and allowed the case to proceed under anonymity. However, Doe suddenly passed away in September of 2019, leaving the case in a legal limbo until a representative could be appointed for Doe’s estate.

According to recently filed court documents obtained by The Blast, Spacey and the estate have since agreed to “stipulate and agree to the dismissal with prejudice of this action, including all claims stated against all parties, with each party to bear his or its own attorneys’ fees and costs.” As soon as a judge signs off on this agreement, the case will be officially closed.

The settlement was reached just days after author Ari Behn, who accused Spacey of groping him under a table during a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway, was found dead in his home from an alleged suicide.

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Behn’s death came just days after Spacey once again donned his Frank Underwood persona and published an ominous video titled “KTWK (Kill Them With Kindness.”

The video includes dialogue wherein Spacey states “The next time someone does something you don’t like, you could go on the attack. But you could also hold your fire and do the unexpected. You can…kill them with kindness.”

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