Rumor: Jessica Chastain in Talks to Play Gender-Swapped Reverse-Flash in The Flash

Director Andy Muschietti spilled the beans his Flash movie will cover Flashpoint, confirming years of speculation. That being the case, you can’t have Flashpoint without Reverse-Flash anymore than he can exist without Barry Allen.

But Muschietti and writer Christina Hodson may have a twist up their sleeves that alters more than a timeline.

According to a “Breaking” Reddit scoop – which to be fair is unverified – Reverse-Flash will be gender-swapped to accommodate IT Chapter Two star Jessica Chastain.

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The post contends Chastain is in early talks to play the role and this idea for the sex change is the brainchild of Hodson which Muschietti is apparently all for too.

Reverse Flash

He and Chastain worked together a few times. Their first collaboration was Muschietti’s 2013 debut Mama and their most recent was the second half of the saga of Losers vs Pennywise.

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Muschietti, who signed on for The Flash last summer, called the story at the heart of the character “a beautiful human” one. Most recently, he told That Hashtag Show the version of Flashpoint will differ from what’s expected.

Flipping the gender of Reverse-Flash could be what he means and there is potential there. An Eobard Thawne, or whatever name they go with, played by Jessica Chastain can be related to Barry or even be his daughter, making the murder of his mom all the more tragic and personal.

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Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne is the Speedster from the future who traveled through time intending to kill young Barry Allen before he grows up to become The Flash. Inadvertently dispatching Barry’s mother instead, Thawne left Barry’s father framed for murder and Barry seeking to clear his dad’s name.

In The Flashpoint Paradox, Barry goes back to save his mom and messes up the world he knew as a result. Thawne taunted Barry and tried to keep him from restoring things to normal before he was killed by Flashpoint Batman.

Reverse Flash

Barry’s origin and the Flashpoint storyline have been told, retold, and consciously retconned – introducing many new elements – over and over on CW’s Flash series. Reverse-Flash played to great effect by Tom Cavanagh, and his part in both, remain constant.

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Reverse-Flash is a coveted part in its own right. Fans have their wishlist which includes Michael Fassbender. Below is a graphic of what he could look like.

Warner Bros. has their shortlist too and Matthew McConaughey, per We Got This Covered, is reportedly on it.

McConaughey’s been brought up now and again regarding the 25th-century villain. Often enough that the prolific Boss Logic responded with a rendering of the star and Oscar winner as Thawne in 2017.

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Even if Chastain is having conversations about playing Reverse-Flash it’s still early. Anything can happen between now and when The Flash comes out in 2022.

What’s more, the Redditor could be basing the post on old intel. It refers to the Flash movie as “Flashpoint” – a working title of a few years ago, before the repeated delays and the sea change in DC’s Extended Universe.

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