Birds of Prey: Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina Hint Not So Subtly at Black Mask’s Sexuality

The rumors and allegations about Black Mask’s sexuality in Birds of Prey just won’t die. In fact, it seems initial reports he is gay in the film might be true and the Internet is buzzing.

One outlet heard it straight from the actors involved. Variety conducted an outdoor interview with costars Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina and asked them if their characters – Black Mask and Zsasz – are more than friends, as in gay.

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McGregor stammered through his answer but came out with this ambiguous response:

“It’s very complicated…Their relationship is very much based… there’s a want and a need in there for sure.”

Some spoilers and reports refer to the two maniacs as simply flirtatious and that could be what McGregor is alluding to, without finishing the thought.

Messina chimed in with, “There’s like a real love of anarchy,” trying also to explain the dynamic without giving much away either.

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Finally, McGregor blurts out “More than likely, yes,” and the two start laughing. Variety’s correspondent, landing a veritable scoop, reacts with:

“More than likely? You heard it here first…You’re like ‘uh, oh Warner Bros. said we weren’t supposed to say’…”

Sounds like another one of those times where Ewan McGregor has to submit to contractual silence, much like with Disney+ and the Obi-Wan series he is returning to the Star Wars universe for. There’s a lot of that going around lately, from Will Smith to possibly Colin Farrell and The Batman.

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Warner Bros. may try to keep Birds of Prey’s plot and the nature of Black Mask and Zsasz’s relationship under wraps but leakers and Beyond The Trailer host, Grace Randolph, have been all over it for a year.

Randolph broke the controversial rumor Black Mask was going to be gay, “flamboyantly” so, and willing to kill a tweener to retrieve a diamond containing microfilm of his privates – a detail equated to pedophilia.

It’s believed reshoots cut out that subplot but, according to a really long and thorough Reddit spoiler, a diamond, or thumb drive with something on it, still plays a part in the overall story.

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“More than likely” confirmed or not, don’t be shocked if the leaks have it right and we’re dealt a major change to Black Mask in the upcoming film.

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