Birds of Prey and Black Mask actor Ewan McGregor recently stated that he’s “proud to be involved in a film that was a feminist film that tackled misogyny” while promoting the film at its premiere.

McGregor and co-star Chris Messina, who plays serial killer Victor Szasz spoke to the Associated Press.

Messina begins saying, “It’s about time.”

Then McGregor adds, “Yea, it’s about time. We were both really proud. We talked about it. We were both really proud to be involved in a film that was a feminist film that tackled misogyny.”

McGregor added, “Not only in the sort of extreme ends of misogyny, but also the everyday mild misogyny women have to put up with.”

He continued, “And this film peppered with references to that. We were just proud to be part of that and be the misogynists in the movie. To help flag that up to guys who need to know that time’s done.”

This has been a talking point of the film for McGregor.

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Back in October, McGregor spoke to the French website Premiere and explained what he found interesting about the role.

“What interested me with Birds of Prey is that it’s a feminist film. It is very finely written, there is in the script a real look on misogyny.”

He added, “And I think we need that, we need to be more aware of how we behave with the opposite sex. We need to be taught to change.”

McGregor continued:

“Misogynists in movies are often extreme: they rape, they beat women … And it is legitimate to represent people like that, because they exist and they are obviously the worst. But in the Birds of Prey dialogues, there is always a hint of everyday misogyny, of those things you say as a man you do not even realize, mansplaining … All it’s in the script in a very subtle way. I found that brilliant.”

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Not only is McGregor describing Black Mask as a misogynist, but he previously described the character as a villain for “the Time of Trump” in an interview with Men’s Journal.

He also described Black Mask as “an absolute narcissist.”

McGregor added that Black Mask is “spoiled in his upbringing to the point of having no contact with what life or people are about, who has a skin this thin and wants nothing more than to be the center of attention.”

Messina added his own thoughts on who McGregor’s Black Mask is:

“He’s an incredible villain because he’s so likable and he’s so seducing. You’re like, I like him, he’s cute, it’s fun being in his world. And then he’ll bite your leg off. He has these incredible turns of violence, this ferocious quality. There are a couple of moments in the movie where he rages that he really went there, and you could hear a pin drop. Then he would turn on a dime and then go back to the charm of the character.”

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Birds of Prey is expected to have an opening weekend box office take of $49 million with it making $125 million in its entire domestic run.

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What do you make of McGregor’s comments? Do you plan on seeing Birds of Prey?

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