Graphic artist Spdrmnkyxxiii revealed his fan casting for the Fantastic Four by showing off Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery as Johnny Storm.

He also had John Krasinski as Reed Richards, Emily Blunt as Sue Storm, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Ben Grimm aka The Thing.

Spdrmnkyxxiii captioned his artwork saying, “Phase 4. Hopefully we get to see the Fantastic Four soon. My fan casts are Reed Richards – John Krasinski, Sue Storm – Emily Blunt, Johnny Storm – Dacre Montgomery, Ben Grimm – The Rock.”

He then asks, “Which villain do you think the Fantastic Four will face first?”

Spdrmnkyxxiii also shared individual pieces of art of Krasinski as Reed Richards and Blunt as Sue Storm.

He says that “it would be a missed opportunity” if Krasinski is not cast as Richards.

He adds that if Krasinski is cast as Richards “it’s a no-brainer to cast Emily Blunt as Sue.”

“Krasinski is married to Emily and they have insane chemistry together as seen in A Quiet Place and Emily is a badass.”

He also shared a better look at his mock up of Dacre Montgomery as Johnny Storm.

Spdrmnkyxxiii stated, “Flame on! Dacre Montgomery isΒ  my pick for an MCU Johnny Storm.”

One can only assume a close-up of The Thing will arrive sooner rather than later.

What do you make of Spdrmnkyxxiii’s Fantastic Four fan cast? Would you want to see Dacre Montgomery as Johnny Storm?

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