Ubisoft North America revealed a brand new Ash Tomb Raider Elite Skin as well as the details on the Season 5 Update titled Operation: Void Edge.

The new Ash skin will cost R6 credits since it is elite rarity, and gives our favorite red-haired FBI agent the classic Lara Croft look from Tomb Raider.

As for Season 5 it will be packed full of new things. It includes two new operators, quality of life improvements, and a map rework.

The two new operators are a defender from Jordan named Oryx, and a Dutch attacker named Iana (pronounced like Yana).

Here’s the quick rundown of their abilities:

Defender: Oryx

  • Ability: Remah Dash
  • Primary weapons: MP5 SMG, SPAS-12
  • Secondary weapons: Bailiff 410, USP40
  • Secondary gadgets: Barbed Wire, Bulletproof Camera

Oryx’s dash allows for him to bust through certain walls, and even knock down shield attackers, but he does take damage.

His playstyle will favor defenders that like to roam and rush attackers.

Attacker: Iana

  • Gadget: Gemini Replicator
  • Primary weapons: ARX2000, G36C
  • Secondary weapon: MK1 9mm
  • Secondary gadgets: Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades

Iana’s Gemini holograms are so close to looking and moving like a person that she can really fool someone not trained in noticing player movements.

Her playstyle favors a combination of stealth and positioning.

The Oregon map is being reworked, and should be pretty fun since it has been a fan favorite all the way back since launch.

1st floor

  • A new hallway adjacent to the Meeting Hall connects Big Tower to the kitchen.
  • The dining room’s exterior door is gone and a new door connects Small Tower to the dining room.
  • The white staircase now extends down toward the basement.

2nd floor 

  • The dorms are revamped and the large window has been repositioned.
  • Kids room now connects to Attic with a new door.
  • Attic now connects to Kids Room and a new window to Oregon’s exterior.
  • Small tower’s upper floor has a new room and adjusted windows.

Basement floor

  • Layouts have been revamped for Laundry Room, Storage, and Construction.
  • Laundry hatch was moved.
  • One of the meeting hall hatches is now removed.
  • A new freezer corridor has a new staircase that connects the basement with the west side of the map.

Some balancing tweaks were made, with Twitch getting a slight nerf overall, Lesion’s mines getting a little buff, and Warden’s gadget having the cooldown removed.

Debris was changed so it doesn’t obscure a player’s vision as much, and a change in the prep phase was made so player drones spawn where the player will spawn.

Finally, there will be renown price decreases for Jackal, Mira, Lion, Finka, Mozzie, and Gridlock.

You can view gameplay footage from the test server for Operation Void Edge below.

Are you excited for Season 5 of Siege?

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