A new rumor details that Kathleen Kennedy could be removed from Lucasfilm via an organizational restructuring at Disney under newly appointed CEO Bob Chapek.

The rumor comes from YouTube channel Midnight’s Edge who detail that with Bob Chapek taking on the new position of CEO at Disney, he will enact his own vision for the company. Midnight’s Edge details this new vision could entail a purging of several division heads including Kathleen Kennedy.

“In the wake of such a change in senior management, more changes will inevitably ensue as the new CEO changes the organization in accordance with this new strategy. To this end, several division hands may be changed, or if you prefer another term purged. That opens the door to remove Kathleen Kennedy as well and doing so in the name of restructuring that effects the entire organization rather than singling her out for termination over her obvious criminal negligence of Star Wars.”

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Midnight’s Edge adds:

“So again, that is not the reason why Iger stepped back, but rumor has it that firing Kathleen Kennedy is part of that equation. That by the way is something I also hear. That they do indeed want to get rid of her. As of right now she is an anchor on Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Not until Kathleen is gone will they be completely free to take control over Star Wars. That is what I have heard anyways. Make sure you file it under rumor.”

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As for why Kennedy would need to be removed during a restructuring instead of being fired alone, Midnight’s Edge explains:

“According to what I have heard, the reason for that is that unlike Kathleen Powell, who took her severance package and mostly stayed quiet, Kennedy has made it known that she will do no such thing. She is all about appearances, which is why her camp leaked that her contract had been renewed when Disney wouldn’t announce it. If she is let go in a manner which makes it looks like her ideologically driven iteration of Star Wars is a failure, she will apparently burn down the castle on her way out of it.”

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Midnight’s Edge continues:

“I don’t know what she would say or do specifically. But I’m left with the impression that certain cards would be pulled and certain labels would be used to describe Disney and its management. And that’s where the concern over the optics of the situation come from.”

What do you make of this rumor? Do you think this could be part of the reason why Bob Iger and Disney decided to announce Bob Chapek as the new Disney CEO?

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