A boycott has been launched against Disney’s Onward after it was revealed the film would introduce the first Pixar animated LGBT character.

The boycott was launched by One Million Moms after it was revealed the character of Officer Specter would be an LGBT character and would reference she’s a member of the LGBT community in the dialogue of the film.

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Officer Specter reveals she’s a member of the LGBT community after her and her fellow police officer, Officer Gore, pull over the two main protagonists, who disguise themselves as adults. In order to fool Officer Specter, one of the boys complains about his girlfriend’s kids. Officer Specter sympathizes with him saying, “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out.”

The boycott by One Million Moms explains this is just the latest instance of “numerous attempts by Disney to indoctrinate children with the LGBTQ agenda discretely and now more overtly.”

They point to Finding Dory, which features a lesbian couple in a scene,  the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, with “a brief implaction that LeFou was gay,” and Toy Story 4 that features two moms dropping off their child at school and then picking them back up.

They claim “these scenes are subtle in order to desensitize children. But now Disney has traded its subtlety for intentionality.”

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The boycott and petition adds, “Disney has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family friendly programming. Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda.”

It then states:

“Please share this with your friends and family to make sure they are aware of the gay character in Onward and not blindsided by it. As moms, we all want to know when Disney is attempting to desensitize our children by normalizing the LGBTQ lifestyle.”

Finally, the call to boycott encourages people to sign a petition that will be sent to Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

“Sign our petition to Disney CEO Bob Chapek stating that your family will not watch the film Onward since its inclusion of an openly gay character goes against your beliefs and values.”

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The message that will be sent to Bob Chapek reads:

“I do not agree with the LGBTQ agenda you are pushing on families in the upcoming movie Onward. My family and I will not watch this film. Disney has left conservative and Christian families no other choice but to avoid Onward since it goes against our beliefs and values.”

The petition and boycott has currently been signed 22,620 people.

Onward arrives in theaters on March 6, 2020. The film stars the voice talents of Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Mel Rodriguez, Lena Waithe, and Ali Wong.

It is directed by Dan Scanlon.

Here’s the official description:

“When teenage elf brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot (voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) get an unexpected opportunity to spend one more day with their late dad, they embark on an extraordinary quest aboard Barley’s epic van Guinevere. Like any good quest, their journey is filled with magic spells, cryptic maps, impossible obstacles and unimaginable discoveries. But when the boys’ fearless mom Laurel (voice of Julia Louis-Dreyfus) realizes her sons are missing, she teams up with a part-lion, part-bat, part-scorpion, former warrior – aka The Manticore (voice of Octavia Spencer) – and heads off to find them. Perilous curses aside, this one magical day could mean more than any of them ever dreamed.”

What do you make of this boycott? Do you plan on signing the petition and joining the boycott?

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