Jim Lee On DC Comics’ Focus Moving Forward: “Developing Characters That Are Inclusive And Diverse”

DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee appeared at a spotlight panel at C2E2 to address the future of DC Comics following the dismissal of his co-Publisher Dan DiDio.

As reported by Newsarama, Lee indicated they do not plan on replacing Dan DiDio, but that he will act as sole publisher.

“There’s continually new things going on, and I look at being sole publisher now and the team I’m working with. Much more in trenches now than ever before.”

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Lee also detailed that Warner Bros. strategy for DC Comics is to have it be the engine of everything that spins out of it.

“We’ve been with Warner Bros. for decades. The actual strategy for DC is to put publishing at center of what we do. It’s the engine of all the movies, TV, cartoons, we do. And so its my intent going forward as the Publisher, to lean into the collective years of my team.”

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The DC Comics Publisher would also address rumors that have circulated following DiDio’s dismissal. Some of the more prominent rumors indicate that Marvel and Kevin Feige could take over DC Comics. Others indicate that AT&T could license out DC Comics to other comic publishers and retain the characters’ license for film and TV.

However, one of the more recent rumors from Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston details that upcoming books are being significantly reworked. It’s unclear why they are being reworked, but Johnston speculates its due to changes being made to the previously announced DC Comics timeline revealed at New York Comic Con and believed to be called 5G. With DiDio’s exit, Johnston believes things aren’t as tied down as they might have previously been. In fact, he speculates that books that might have been prominent for 5G might now be released in a different context.

“To address some of the stuff that is out there, there’s rumors… speculation. I wouldn’t put any credence into it. DC has been around for 85 years, and we’ll be around for another 85 years. I hope to be doing this panel in 85 years.”

Lee did confirm that the intention of the new 5G initiative will not be a linewide reboot.

“It’s hard to talk about things we haven’t announced. Intention not to do a line-wide reboot.”

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He had previously indicated that DC Comics would not be rebooting back in 2018 as well when rumors swirled that a DC Comics Fresh Start would be launched with new creators taking over some of DC Comics’ premiere characters. The rumor about a reboot would be false, but it did prove true with Grant Morrison taking on Green Lantern and Kelly Sue DeConnick taking over Aquaman.

Lee then detailed what DC Comics’ editorial focus for the future will be.

“Our focus in talking to editorial team is to continue what we’ve done best: Character-driven stories, pairing right creators on right characters, and developing characters that are inclusive and diverse.”

This focus on developing “inclusive and diverse” characters does match up with rumors concerning DC Comics’ 5G initiative.

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Rumors around this initiative indicate that Luke Fox will assume the mantle of Batman after Bruce is presumed dead. It will also see Jonathan Kent become Superman and Cassie “Wonder Girl” Sandsmark to take over as Wonder Woman.

What do you make of Lee’s comments regarding the future of DC Comics? Do you believe him?

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