Following the discovery of the first episode of Harmony Gold’s English Dub of Dragon Ball, a fan has managed to find and upload the remaining four episodes to an archive, saving the production from remaining lost to time.

The episodes were uploaded to the Internet Archive on March 1st by Tom Servo, the same user responsible for the previous upload of the first episode (as of writing, the episodes require a free Internet Archive account to view).

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You can view all five of the videos below after you sign in to your Internet Archive account.

Speaking with Bounding into Comics, Tom Servo stated that he was able to acquire the lost episodes from Ryan Gavigan, one of the founders of popular Japanese media-based “audio-visual experience” Anime Hell.

This 1980s dub, though featuring some censorship, is slightly more faithful in its adaptation of the original Japanese anime than the first Funimation dub, as seen in the retention of some of the perverted actions of both Master Roshi and Oolong.

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However, all of the characters save for Master Roshi have had their names drastically changed, including Goku being changed to Zero, Bulma to Lena, and Yamcha to Zedaki. Ultimately, the series failed to find an audience among test audiences and was never picked up for broadcast, with Harmony Gold eventually losing the Dragon Ball license.

With the upload of these four episodes, the full Harmony Gold dub of five episodes and two movies has now been saved on the Internet Archive, marking a rare and exciting occasion where a previously lost piece of media has been fully recovered.

You can view the two movies below:

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