Black Adam, starring and produced by Dwayne Johnson, is the latest DC movie to have details of its plot and villains leak to the Internet this week.

A user posting anonymously shared details to a 4chan board concerning the backstory of the superbeing described as an antihero, his family, his homeland Kahndaq, members of the Justice Society, and the Amulet of Isis.

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The post’s first supposed revelation is consistent with Black Adam’s comic origins and what we’ve been hearing about the story involving a tragedy in his family; in the case of this leak, the death of his wife, Shiruta. It states:

“Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) is a slave chosen by the Council of Wizards to become their champion. His wife Shiruta is murdered, and he attempts to use the Amulet of Isis to revive her. The Council of Wizards attempts to stop him, because Isis is dangerous. Black Adam is influenced by the Seven Deadly Sins to kill them before the wizard Shazam exiles him to a magic tomb.”

Shiruta was the name of Adam’s first wife in the comics and she did die in Ancient Egypt. Adam named the capital of Kahndaq after her when he conquered it. Isis became his second wife.

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Fast-forwarding to the present, “Adam is accidentally freed” and looking for the fragments of Isis’ Amulet to again revive Shiruta. He enlists scholar Adrianna Tomaz (the vessel for Isis in modern time in other media) to help him and also finds time to liberate Kahndaq – which we here keep hearing will happen.

The post reads:

On present day, Adam is accidentally freed and liberates his homeland, Kahndaq, from oppression. He then recruits a young scholar, Adrianna Tomaz, to help him find the Amulet of Isis, which has split into three pieces and scattered across the planet, in order to revive Shiruta.”

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Hawkman vs Black Adam

The Justice Society of America – what Dwayne Johnson promised his film would bring to us – enter the picture at this point. Led by Hawkman, the team includes Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, cosmic staff-wielding Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl), “atomic-powered” Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher), “and Kent Nelson, the human host of the powerful sorcerer” (Doctor Fate).

A piece of the Isis Amulet is in the latter’s HQ, the Tower of Fate:

The Justice Society of America assembles to stop Black Adam. Their leader is Carter Hall, the reincarnation of the Egyptian winged warrior Hawkman, and they are formed by Kendra Saunders, the reincarnation of the winged warrior Hawkgirl; Courtney Whitmore, a young inventor who wields a cosmic staff; Al Rothstein, an atomic-powered vigilante; and Kent Nelson, the human host of the powerful sorcerer. The fragments of the Amulet of Isis are in India, China and the Tower of Fate, a “multiversal nexus” accessible through New York City.”

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Black Adam successfully brings together the pieces and resurrects Shiruta. She inherits “the power of Isis and attempts to wipe out humanity.”

Adam and the JSA have to join forces “to defend Kahndaq” and stop Shiruta. To do so, the Amulet has to be destroyed which will kill her again. But Black Adam makes the hard and righteous choice to save his people:

“Black Adam reassembles the Amulet of Isis and returns to Kahndaq to perform the ritual and revives Shiruta. The JSA confronts them. Shiruta is driven insane by the power of Isis and attempts to wipe out humanity for corrupting the world. Black Adam joins forces with the JSA to defend Kahndaq, but in order to stop Isis, Black Adam is forced to destroy the Amulet of Isis, losing Shiruta once again. The people of Kahndaq embrace Black Adam as their protector, and he becomes the ruler of the country, with Adrianna by his side. Hawkman decides to give Black Adam an opportunity to redeem himself.”

The post ends there and makes no mention of Cyclone, Red Tornado, or vintage Green Lantern and Flash. If they are in it, they might not play much of a role. Hawkman and Isis appear to be greater assets to the story which kind of echoes Wonder Woman 1984 and that film’s wishing stone.


These claims could also be entirely inaccurate so keep the salt handy. We find out in December of 2021 when Black Adam heads to theaters. Production should start this summer.

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