Marvel and Netmarble announced Marvel Future Revolution and released their first trailer for Marvel Future Revolution.

Take a look.

Marvel Future Revolution is described as “Marvel’s first open-world game on mobile.” It will feature “an all-new original storyline” as well as star your favorite Marvel superheroes and supervillains.

The story is written by Marvel Comics writer Marc Sumerak. It will begin with multiple Earths converging across dimensions to form a “Primary Earth.”  Players will join the “Omega Flight” superhero team and “work together to battle an onslaught of Super Villains, confront their suspicious behaviors and defend the universe.”

Some of the heroes featured in the game include Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Captain America.

The villains include Red Skull, Baron Mordo, M.O.D.O.K., Green Goblin, and Red Goblin.

Vice President and Head of Creative at Marvel Games Bill Rosemann describes the game will have a “sprawling, open-world setting.” He also reveals it “gives players the chance to not only journey through these strange new locations, but also customize their favorite Heroes into never-before-seen costume combos.”

Some of these strange new locations include Xandearth in The Hub Cluster, the Chosen Valley on Sakaar, and the Great Desert of Sakaar on Sakaar.

Other characters including Falcon and alternate dimension versions of Captain Marvel, Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man from New Stark City were also revealed.

Some of those costumes can be seen below. As you can see Spider-Man is almost unrecognizable. I wouldn’t have recognized him aside from the fact that they show the character model hanging upside down as Spider-Man is known to do.

There is also a Hydra version for Captain America.

Rosemann adds, “We’re excited to be working with Netmarble once again after nearly five years of continued success with MARVEL Future Fight, and look forward to MARVEL Future Revolution providing countless hours of fun for players to battle alongside their friends and save our universe.”

You can see gameplay footage below.

No release date has been announced. Given it is a mobile game, it’s more than likely it will be free to download and play, but will feature microtransactions, although there is the possibility it could also feature a one time purchase. No details on that front were announced. It will be available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

What do you make of Marvel Future Revolution? Will you check it out when it is released?