Disney and Pixar’s recently released Onward starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland had the worst opening box office in Pixar history with $40 million.

According to The-Numbers this is the worst opening in Pixar’s history. The previous record was held by The Good Dinosaur, which had a $39.1 million opening in 2015. However, if you adjust for inflation, that opening would be $42.6 million today.

The original Toy Story also had an opening weekend of $29.1 million in 1995. Adjusted for inflation it would be $49.3 million.

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A Bug’s Life had an opening weekend of $291,121 and Toy Story 2 had an opening weekend of $300,163.

However, A Bug’s Life only opened in 1 theater in its opening weekend. It would have a second weekend gross of $33.2 million. Adjusted for inflation that is $56.3 million.

Toy Story 2 also opened in 1 theater in its opening weekend. In its second weekend, when it had a wide release, it grossed $57.3 million unadjusted.

The movie didn’t even top unadjusted opening weekends for Monsters, Inc. which grossed $62.7 million in 2001 or Finding Nemo that grossed $70.2 million in 2003.

Recent Pixar films all grossed over $50 million in their opening weekend. Toy Story 4 grossed $120.9 million. Incredibles 2 grossed $182.6 million. Coco grossed $50.8 million. Cars 3 grossed $53.6 million. Finding Dory grossed $135 million in its opening weekend.

Not only does Onward now hold the title for the worst opening weekend in Pixar history, but the $40 million it did gross was significantly lower than predictions going into the weekend. Box Office Pro predicted the film would earn $55 million in its opening weekend. After Thursday night previews they significantly lowered their prediction to $48 million.

The-Numbers didn’t predict a hard and fast number instead noting that “expectations have gone from a $60 million opening to perhaps struggling to reach $40 million.” They began placing blame on a low box office due to Coronavirus, “The buzz is being drowned out by new reports of the Coronavirus, which has become a large enough issue to potentially hurt box office numbers stateside.”

Box Office Mojo predicted the film would earn $42 million. However, they believed it could go over, “The already, strong reviews and positive word of mouth could very easily push it over that mark should the slowly growing panic over COVID-19 not keep people home.”

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Coronavirus might not have been the only factor keeping people from seeing the film. The film was boycotted by One Million Moms. They had over 25,000 people indicate they would participate in the boycott.

YouTuber Josiah Rises believes the boycott is one of the main factors why the film had the worst opening weekend in Pixar’s history.

Onward received a 86% Tomatometer score from critics and has a 96% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Moviegoers gave the film a 4.55 rating out of 5 from 5,437 reviews.

However, the film performed significantly lower on Metacritic.

It received a 61 on the Metascore from critics. The User Score came in at a 7.0

What do you make of Onward’s opening weekend box office? Why do you think it was the worst performing opening weekend box office in Pixar history?