Nissan recently debuted a new “woke” commercial starring Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson titled “Refuse To Compromise.”

The commercial begins with a male boss telling a female employee, “So, I’m going to hold on promoting you this quarter. Cool?”

Larson then shows up in the new Nissan Sentra and tells the female employee, “Drop the taco. Get in the car.”

She then asks, “Does this Sentra feel like a compromise to you? The handling is good right? No compromise there.”

It concludes with Larson asking, “So if this Nissan Sentra isn’t going to compromise why should you?” The woman then gets out of the car. The commercial ends with Larson saying, “Thatta girl.

The commercial would receive 3600 down votes and only 318 up votes. Nissan turned the comments off.

In a follow-up video Larson would make it clear the commercial is all about the wokeness.

Larson is asked, “What was it about No Compromises that resonated with you?”

She responded, “The fact that I was pitched this concept that on the surface just looking at the ad itself it is about sisterhood, pumping each other up, community, and allowing each other to have the opportunity to believe in ourselves. Because that really feels like the first step with all of this. You can’t be what you can’t see. So I think actually following someone’s journey in disbelief to belief is a powerful image.”

Larson was then asked when she transitioned into this idea of no compromise. She responded, “There was a moment where I remember going in on my ten thousandth audition. Going in and being prepared and what I felt was all the credentials I needed and the guy on the other side of the table gave me a bad note. And I remember walking out being like I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the table anymore. I want to be part of the conversation. Like I don’t want to feel this distance. I want to be communicated with, not to.”

She then is asked if she was aware that she was working in a male-dominated industry and if she changed her approach to address the fact she became aware of it.

Larson answered, “You know I started so young. I started when I was 7 or 8. So there wasn’t, I didn’t have that differentiation between me and anything else really. But it’s not until you get older and having so much dedicated time in one field that you start to look around and go, ‘Wait, why am I the only one like me?’ And it’s now become my passion. Not just for the representation on screen, but also feel like I’m on a set that reflects the world that I live in.”

She continued addressing the impact she can have, “For sure. I mean, gosh. I mean that’s the goal. You never know what the impact will be, but I have good intentions.”

While comments were disabled on the actual commercial, Nissan has not yet disabled them on the explainer video. The video has 81 up votes and 321 down votes.

Here’s what people are saying:

Talia al Ghul writes, “Nissan. You went Full Gillette. You never go Full Gillette.”

Omega Styles writes, “Here before niisan turns off comments and blames men for crashing stocks.”

Diego writes, “Yet another brand to avoid… and that’s unfortunate, was thinking of changing car in around 2 years.”

Lukas Wicher writes, “Great idea with “Drop the taco.” No sexist or racial interpretation possible to take from there. Whoever wrote this add should be put up for the consequences. This will bite Nissan in the ass.”

Weecka2007 writes, “Get wok- go broke ladies and gents….”

Tronix Rex writes, “Lmao, companies never learn. Welp, See you guys then Nissan makes headlines! ‘Stocks for Nissan plummets…and here’s why.'”

Midnight Undead writes, “Brie Larson: ‘Drop the taco!’ Woman: ‘Was that you attempting to be racist or sexist?’ Brie Larson: ‘Whatever pisses you off more.’ Woman: ‘<:o'”

TheVetoSkreeemer writes, “Pushing an agenda to sell a car? I think it is stupid.”

Orson1821 writes, “So Nissan decided to not sell any cars in the Us? Hmm, strange choice.”

What did you make of the commercial and Brie Larson’s explanation of it? Will this get you to purchase a Nissan Sentra?

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