Amazon’s The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed the second season will feature a storyline about the “rise of white nationalism.”

Kripke spoke with Coming Soon back in August 2019 about the second season and the inclusion of Stormfront and changing the character from a male to a female.

He states:

“Yeah, our version of Stormfront kind of evolves over the season. And I think the comic books version of Stormfront, with again, great respect to the comic, which I love, it’s a pretty straight forward character, you know? The first lines out of his mouth are like, “Schnell!” He’s pretty straight up just like a full-on Nazi. And it’s hard to do reveals with a guy like that.”

Kripke then details they decided to turn Stormfront into a female character because of the “rise of white nationalism.”

“But where the idea emerged, and without spoiling too much, what I’ll say is under the writer room mantra of ‘Bad for the world, Good for the show,’ we’re all news junkies, and we tend to pay attention to things that are happening out there in the world, and how do we use our super heroes as a metaphor for that? And I am horrified and sad to report that there is a rise of white nationalism.”

He continues:

“And it’s taking a very different form than it took in the 40s. It takes a very social media savvy trying to attract young men and women form. And so, we got really interested in creating a character that could represent that for us. And so, as I would say, it’s not the version in the book, but I would say they have the same rotten soul.”

Amazon’s The Boys Gender Swaps Stormfront For Season 2 – She’s Also A Feminist

Earlier this month, Amazon showed off their new version of Stormfront played by Aya Cash in a promotional piece in Entertainment Weekly.

In that promotional piece, Aya Cash detailed that her character is “here to blow up Vought.” She adds, ” She’s here to try to get Vought back to the original idea behind creating superheroes… And she can be quite the feminist. There’s a lot of, I wouldn’t say misdirect, but she also is a very empowered woman.”

Cash elaborated that “you start off this season thinking she’s one thing and then discover she’s another. She added, “There are quite a few times where you’ll identify with her as an audience member or agree with what she says. I think [those] are the most dangerous people.”

The Boys Season 2 has not announced a release date date. Season 2 did wrap in November 2019.

What do you make of Kripke’s comments? Are you looking forward to seeing The Boys Season 2?