Idris Elba Describes Humanity As Infection, Says Coronavirus Pandemic Is The Earth’s Response To Humanity

Actor Idris Elba recently detailed to Oprah Winfrey that the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe is the Earth’s response to the infection that is humanity.

Elba appeared on Apple TV+’s new series Oprah Talks Covid-19 to detail his opinions on why the coronavirus exists.

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Elba, who recently announced that he tested positive with coronavirus, told Oprah, “It’s one of the upsides of this whole drama. Is that we are forced to think together as a race…As a human race.”

He added, “But also our world has been taking a kicking. We damaged our world. And it’s no surprise that our world is reacting to the human race.”

“It’s no surprise that a virus has been created that is going to slow us down. And ultimately make us think differently about our world and ourselves. That’s a stand out thing that is very obvious,” said Elba.

He continued, “This is almost like the world’s cry out, like, ‘Hey, hey, hey – you are kicking me and what you’re doing is not good, so we will get rid of you.’”

Elba then referred to humanity as an infection that the Earth needs to remove, “As any organism would do is try and get rid of an infection. And maybe this is it for the world.”

Winfrey then responded to Elba’s comments. She stated, “I think it is important as we are all trying to deal with the pragmatic, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this with Apple is to talk to people like yourselves who can bring a broader insight.”

She added, “I think we all lose as human beings if we just think of this as a physical virus. I think it’s exactly what you just said. It’s here to teach us, show us something about ourselves as individuals and also as a world of people. This is a moment for our humanity to rise or not.”

In promoting her conversation with Elba, Oprah also took to Twitter to write, “Like millions of people all over the world, I’ve been staying safer at home for over a week now.”

She added, “I know a lot of people are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, & uncertain. Bc of that, I want to offer some hope & gather thought leaders & people going through it to add some perspective.”

Elba announced he tested positive for coronavirus back on March 16th.

Elba stated:

“Hey! What’s up guys? So look, this morning I got some test results back for Coronavirus, and it came back positive. Yeah and it sucks, um listen I’m doing ok. Sabrina (his daughter) hasn’t been tested and she’s doing ok. Um, I wasn’t, I didn’t have any symptoms.”

He added:

“I got tested because I realized that I was exposed to someone who had also tested positive. I found out last Friday that they were tested positive. I quarantined myself and got tested immediately. I got the results back today.”

He continued:

“Look this is serious. You know, now is the time to really think about social distancing, washing your hands. Beyond that, there are people out there who aren’t showing symptoms and that can easily spread it. Ok, so now is a real time to be really vigilant about washing your hands and keeping your distance.”

He then detailed that he had previously updated his family and colleagues.

“We’ve told our families; they’re very supportive. We’ve told our colleagues and you know transparency is probably the best thing for this right now. If you’re feeling ill or you feel like you should be tested or you’ve been exposed then do something about. Alright it’s really important.”

Elba concluded:

“We live in a divided world right now. We can all feel it, it’s been bullshit, but now is the time for solidarity. Now is the time for thinking about each other. There’s so many people who’s lives have been affected. From those who lost people that they loved, to people who don’t even have it and have lost their livelihoods. This is real. I just wanted to share my news with you guys and I will keep you updated on how I’m doing. So far we’re feeling ok. Stay positive and don’t freak out.”

Elba also revealed to Oprah that his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba also tested positive for coronavirus.

Sabrina Elba told Winfrey, “I could have made the decision to put myself, maybe, in a separate room or stay away, and I’m sure that people are making those decisions. And they’re tough decisions to make.” She added, “But I made the decision to want to be with him and, you know, still touch him.”

Idris then explained Sabrina was with him when he was likely exposed to the virus, “If I had caught it, she had certainly caught it in that time period, as well.”

Idris then added, “People were right to have highlighted that spatial distancing is important. I think given the context of the video, which was telling the world what has happened to us, we weren’t thinking about that specifically.”

The entire conversation can be viewed on Apple TV. However, you need to sign up for an Apple ID, in order to access it.

What do you make of Idris Elba’s comments?

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