Marvel Comics Reveals Key Immortal Hulk Character Is Transgender

In a recent issue of Marvel Comics’ Immortal Hulk, a key character from the series is revealed to be transgender.

In Immortal Hulk #32, Dr. Charlene McGowan explains she is transgender.

The revelation comes as Dr. McGowan figures out that Xemnu has implanted false memories into the entire populace of the Earth, making them believe that he is a hero, Xemnu, the Living Hulk, from an old children’s show called Xemnu’s Magic Planet.

McGowan tells Doc Samson that she came to the belief that she was transgender through a “long process of self-examination.”

She then details her theory that Xemnu is able to manipulate her own memories through any kind of device that has a screen.

This revelation comes as Marvel Comics also introduced a new non-binary character in Snowflake as part of their new New Warriors lineup.

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As for McGowan, she is a relatively new character to Hulk canon. She was introduced in Immortal Hulk #6 and was created by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett.

In Immortal Hulk #6 it is revealed she is working for General Fortean and Dr. Clive at Shadow Base and is overseeing experiments on Del Frye, a former collegiate football star, who at the wishes of his father ingested an experimental Gamma radiation serum. The serum would kill Frye, but Fortean and Shadow Base would unearth his body and begin experimenting on him.

As for how she came under General Fortean’s command, McGowan reveals he pulled her out of a bad situation. She had been fired from Caltech for alcohol and drug abuse. In order to get by, she ended up working for Kingpin in an MGH lab. Daredevil would eventually break up the operations where she was arrested and subsequently sent to prison. Fortean would give her the opportunity to work for him in exchange for clemency.

Following the death of Dr. Clive, McGowan would take over as head researcher at Shadow Base. While head researcher she oversaw a grisly experiment that combined the corpse of Rick Jones with genetic material of the Abomination.

She would relieve General Fortean of command. She and the rest of Shadow Base would eventually submit to the Hulk after he killed Fortean. Ever since she and the Hulk Operations based out of Shadow Base have been working for Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

What do you make of this revelation that Dr. McGowan is transgender?

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