Marvel Comics Writer Gerry Duggan Tells Comic Fan To “Eat A Bag Of Pre-F***ed Dicks”

Marvel Comics writer Gerry Duggan recently took to Twitter to tell a comic fan to “eat a bag of pre-f***ed dicks.”

Duggan, who is currently penning Marauders, Cable, and Savage Avengers, decided to respond to a comic book fan who posted a gif reaction in response to a recent Newsarama article about the upcoming X-Men event comic X of Swords.

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In response to the article, Twitter user PixelArtist95 posted a rather common gif of Stanely from The Office doing an eye roll.

Duggan, who was tagged in the original post by Newsarama, would respond writing, “Nate, wishing you success on your continuing journey outside comics.”

Another user would respond to Duggan saying, “No wonder this industry is tumbling. So professional.”

Duggan responded in turn by calling them a “dingdong.”

He wrote, “You dingdongs don’t get to show up in my mentions and keep your civilian status – you can say whatever the hell you want anywhere you want except in the mentions of someone else.”

One fan then called Duggan an asshole.

He responded by telling him to “eat a bag of pre-f***ed dicks, but nice grammer.”

Duggan would later double down on his assertion that people will not be treated civilly if they show up in his mentions.

He would also write, “Always enjoy when shitbirds show up in my mentions then boohoo when they lose their civilian status.”

Gerry Duggan appears to not understand how Twitter works. He’s getting upset that people responded to a Newsarama article that tagged him. If he didn’t want to be tagged in the post, there is an option to remove the tag.

However, he either is ignorant of this option, or willfully chose not to do it in order to insult a comic book fan and artist. A fan and artist who simply expressed their opinion via gif that they were  enthused about the upcoming X-Men event book.

Duggan would even escalate the situation when another fan expressed their disappointment in how Duggan dealt with one of the fans.

YouTuber That Umbrella Guy commented on Duggan’s tweets and was not surprised by his comments noting, “Marvel creators, they are absolutely allowed to denigrate, they are absolutely allowed to block bot, they can treat you like trash, and well, you know what, nothing will happen because “freelancer.””

What do you make of Gerry Duggan’s comments? Are you surprised by his comments or do you just expect this as part of Marvel Comics’ brand now?

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